View Thread : Lot of crap ratings for Nintendo games lately...

Looks like IGN has been dishing out alot of crap ratings for Nintendo games lately. I think Mario Kart only got a 7 something, same as Pokemon Colleseum, and Custom Robo just got a 6.4 from them. I wonder what Famitsu has been giving these games just for comparison.

I was kind of looking forward to Custom Robo. The N64 games were great. Anyone know what Famitsu gave this game ?

It does bring up an issue of concern as to what the hell Nintendo is doing at their development studios. Then again, IGN completely over rated some games, like Windwaker, which I thought was totally weak in comparison with Majora's Mask and the Oracle games.

Great Rumbler
According to [which compiles many reviews into one overall score] gave Mario Kart 87/100, Custom Robo 70/100, and Pokemon Colluseum 78.

Mario Kart got a 7.9 from IGN. It wasn't as bad of a score as everyone tried to make it out to be. If it got an 8.0 people wouldn't say a thing. Everyone just equates a score less than 8 to be a bad score.

A Black Falcon
Given what MKDD was, and Gamespot rates hard, that score seems fine to me...

Great Rumbler
I think MKDD was better than a 7.9, I'd give it at least an 8.5.

Single player 7.0, multiplayer 9.0. :)

A Black Falcon
So 7.9 is right about in the middle. :)

I played it a bit. It seemed fine, but did nothing differently from MK64... 'average' is a decent description, really (especially for a first-party Nintendo title).