View Thread : Happy Birthday Filmmaker!


Great Rumbler

Sorry, there's just been so many birthdays lately that it's hard to work up any excitement.

I already issued my blanket happy birthday statement so I don't have to post a thing. Damn, I guess I already did.

A Black Falcon
Another birthday for someone who never shows up? Yay!

Great Rumbler
Well, it IS their birthday and dangit all if we're not going to celebrate it!!

I don't suspect we'll be seeing that much of the elusive Filmmaker.

Great Rumbler
He was probably frightened away by something.

How many registered members do we have?

What happened to the music you wanted?

I sent you an email and you never responded...

You still up for it? I just need some music that will fit a light-hearted platformer.

Filmmaker only came to help defend me during the darkest hours of the Goron Front which, as you can tell by my signature and Fittisize's abdication, a glorious victory. :carrot: