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A Black Falcon
aka The Longest Journey 2. But unlike that game, a straight adventure (in the Lucasarts style, kinda, with a serious story but with some humor, and no death), it's an action-adventure... done for market realities I guess, but it's definitely unfortunate. Now, having a few battles would be fine -- there are some combats in TLJ but it's just another puzzle and you can't lose or anything, and replacing that with battles would be okay -- but a full action-adventure? Too bad, really. I hope the adventure aspect isn't diluted... and that I can once I play it call it an adventure game with action in the good sense, like Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis or Full Throttle, and not a action game with "adventure" like too many games out there. Oh, I am sure it'll have a great story, but how about the puzzles... and it's sad to see the adventure genre lose another game. I hope that doesn't happen.

Though, the list of games he mentions as influences is a nice list of many of the better recent action-adventures... though this will be their own, obviously. And given TLJ, it'll have a huge amount of story... that was a truly epic game.

On that note, this is one of the few times I don't mind to hear that the next game will be shorter... I mean 'epic' in every sense of the word. Oh, 30-40 hours isn't super long, maybe, but it is for an adventure game...especially since I've always found that they take me a good long time to finish. But TLJ has one of the better (and lengthier, even for the genre) stories I've seen in a game, so it's worth it...

Honestly, now that I think about it, the way they dealt with fights in TLJ was kind of stupid. And since this game is going deeper into these dangerous worlds, adding more combat is natural... and the interview lessens some of my fears. As does how great the first game was... this should be quite good...

Anyway, nice 5-page interview/preview.

Also, the website has more info and screenshots/artwork and stuff.

A Black Falcon

A bit more info, but not much... still, sounds great. Sure, it has some combat elements, but as they say with their track record, I have confidence they'll incorporate it into the game in a good way. And releasing it on consoles, as well as doing this, should help expand the audience for this great series...

Going 3d (for the environments) is a step they would obviously take, but I'm happy it looks this good. It almost matches the artistic quality of the 2d art in the last game... quite an achievement.

New adventure game: Good thing.
Turning it into an action-adventure: Bad thing.
Oh well, even Zork had action. I remember when just starting out I got into the Great Underground Empire and was almost immediatly killed by a troll. Or was it an ogre?

A Black Falcon
And as I said, Indy Fate had action, and it's one of my favorite adventure games (and made PCG's top 50 list a few times), and Full Throttle was great and had action, and even Curse of Monkey Island had some action parts, and that was the best game in that series... it's not a game-killer. What matters is how it's implemented. And I think they can do it. TLJ was more than good enough to give me confidence in them.

The graphics are certainly impressive.