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I thought we should have a single thread to discuss this year's E3 and all the new Nintendo games/hardware coming our way.

Let's try and consolidate all the new info coming out into this thread.

After Nintendo's abysmal E3 showing last year, this one looks to really turn things around. I'm starting to finally get really excited!

Nintendo's Media Site (
Username: golin
Password: harris

Nintendo's E3 Page (
IGNCube's E3 Page (
IGN Gameboy's E3 Page ( (irc://
Channel: #n-philes

New Nintendo Games:

Advance Wars: Under Fire - GameCube
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat - GameCube

DK King of Swing - GBA
Mario Party Advance - GBA
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap - GBA

Unamed Zelda Game - NDS

Odama - ?


DS Metroid Prime Hunters - NDS
DS Picto-Chat - NDS
DS Super Mario 4 x 4 - NDS
WarioWare Inc. DS - NDS
Pic-Pax - NDS

Update: First Picture of the Nintendo DS released by USA Today/Steven Kent! (

The DS also has Bluetooth wireless communication to connect with other units within range for cordless competition. DS has separate slots for current Game Boy Advance cartridges and new, smaller DS game cards.

From this post ( at boards:

alright, i just got some info from a friend of mine that works for an unnamed magazine.

anyways, here's what can be confirmed...

Looks like a Game & Watch (i don't know if he means litereally, or if it will have the same layout)

Has SNES Style Button Layout. Will Have 4 Face Buttons.
No Link Cable, All Wireless (i wonder if this means there's no expansion ports on the system)
Alll Games Use Stylus
Screens Are Far Apart
Select, Start, and Power Buttons Also on Face
Backwords Compatible with GameBoy Advance.
Seperate Slot for DS games.
Silver and Black

From the IGN Boards by way of the Gaming-Age forums:

If I had gotten my first post up on time, I would have been the one to reveal Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat:

However, I'm willing to guarantee that I'm the only one who played it. The guy setting it up was dumb enough to turn on the stations, then walk away!! So here are impressions:

It Uses the Donkey Konga controller. Before you groan, know that it is NOT a music game but rather a 2d platformer, like DOnkey Kong Country. The drums and mic are used to control Donkey Kong. The right drum makes him move forward, tap it quickly to make him run. The left one makes him punch, and both together make him just. Clapping into the mic makes the camera zoom in (a la Viewtiful Joe) and then both drums become punchese (left is left, right is right.)
It was really very fun to play, although I was admittedly giddy from being able to play anything tow days BEFORE E3. The concept is great , it's just a matter if the game can come up with enough elements to sustain the whole experience. Here are some pics of gameplay:

I was just starting the second part of the demo, riding on the back of some giant beast, when the worker realized what he had done and cut the power to the machines.

Ah, this forum is usually dead so it's alright if we have separate threads for each game.

Well the DS looks... interesting. No analogue stick for a 3d system? Oy.

We had to wait 10+ years just for 4 face buttons. It'll be a while before we get an analog stick. :p

P.S.: I don't think there's anything wrong with having seperate threads for each game I just thought it would be nice to have a centralized news thread.

From a mod on the official Nintendo forums (

Nintendo's new "next generation" console will only be shown in the form of technical specs.
The Minish Cap will be shown off in playable form, and will be released stateside in Fall 2004
The Wind Waker 2 (Which will have it's title revealed - and I can't tell you it) will be released stateside in March 2005
A Zelda title for the Nintendo DS will officially be announced, although no footage is reported to be ready for show on the floor.
Nintendo will unvield it's info on the NEXT GameBoy, which will be PURE WIRELESS technology (meaning wi-fi!)

I posted that info in another thread. ;)

But this is fine.

Any mention of shoulder buttons though? Because if there are no shoulder buttons on the DS then the control setup is actually worse than the GBA's.

Sony Conference video feed:


You ROCK. :clap:

Jeez this Sony conference is even more boring than MS'. Nintendo is SO going to own E3. :mariowin: :luigiwin: :shiggy2:

Holy shit, 10 HOUR battery life for PSP. I think it's time for certain members here to eat major crow.

10 hours for games, 2.5 hours for movies. Incredible.

Metal Gear for PSP! Wipeout!

PSP does look like a sweet little package. I know I'll be getting one... Right along with my Nintendo DS. :D

Watch here for Nintendo's upcoming conference (not yet):


Shit, I'm at work now so I can't watch that. :(

E3 2004: You Say You Want a Revolution?
Nintendo unveils new code name for the next console.

May 11, 2022 - IGNcube has learned that Nintendo is about to introduce a new code name for its next gaming console. The successor of the Gamecube will from now on be referred to as "Revolution." Nintendo is said to at least touch upon development of the next-generation hardware in its E3 press conference, which will commence shortly. Look for more information soon.
Oh and here's some screens of the new Advance Wars Cube game:

Holy fuck this is awesome.

Nintendo just won E3.

DS is coming out this year.


Great Rumbler
Internet sever error?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!11!1!!11

Great Rumbler

I just watched the Nintendo conference and I still literally have chills. The new Zelda is the greatest thing in the history of great things.

And DS fucking ownz.

It's over. A winner is Nintendo.

Great Rumbler
Yes, Nintendo has already owned E3 before it even started.

Those amazing.


I was watching the stream of this at work (no sound) with a co-worker buddy, and I our jaws literally unhinged and fell to the floor when that video started playing. And the DS! Metroid Prime Hunters on the DS!!! Nintendo's best E3 EVER.

ABF, I'll send you that crow for dinner. :)

This truly is Nintendo's best E3 ever. And to think a year ago E3 was dismal.

The live feed cut off right after Miyamoyo got on stage with the sword. What happened after that??

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Cube Wars looks amazing! Way better than I expected.

The username/password for Nintendo's media site is: golin / harris


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I know what site I'm going to.

Namco's Pac-Pix and Pac'n Roll, Konami's Yu-Gi-Oh!: Nightmare Troubador, Bandai's Mobile Suite Gundam Seed, Square Enix's Egg Monster Hero, Hudson's Bomberman, and Nintendo's own DS Picto Chat, WarioWare Inc. DS, Super Mario 64 4x4, and Metroid Prime Hunters all showed off some unique and interesting ways to use Nintendo's new hardware.
While the units we tried were obviously playable, Nintendo reps noted that the design wasn't quite final as yet and would likely still undergo a few cosmetic tweaks--perhaps even a name change--before the device ships this fall.
Gamespot (

Awesome. Awesome awesome awesome.

Smoke-X pics.

Great Rumbler
Are they running to their karts or something? :D

If you see Metroid and AC blown up you can tell that it's definitely not GC-quality, but shrunk to the DS screen size they look incredible. AC looks identical to the GC version.

Link the badass ( BIG Character art!

Great Rumbler
Yeah, the blown-up pics don't look that great, but at DS size they're just right.

A Black Falcon
The DS is ... hmm, the console looks okay. But not as 'cool' as I expect from a Nintendo console... though from what they said it should get better. Oh, and I do hope it has shoulder buttons... and the lack of analog is dissapointing. But the touchscreen is a very interesting idea. And microphone...

Activision Spider-Man 2
Atari Title to be announced
Bandai One Piece, in addition to several other additional titles in development.
Banpresto Dragonball Z
Capcom Several new games based on the existing Viewtiful Joe, Gyakuten Saiban and Mega Man Network series, respectively.
Electronic Arts Need for Speed
Hudson Soft Several titles in development.
Koei Dynasty Warriors
Konami Frogger 2005, in addition to several additional titles in development.
Majesco Title to be announced
Namco A new Mr. Driller title and an unannounced RPG.
Sega - Project Rub
Square Enix - New iterations of the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and Dragon Quest Monsters series, respectively.
Tecmo Monster Rancher and an unannounced title currently in development by Team Ninja.
THQ A SpongeBob SquarePants title.
Ubisoft A new Rayman title.
Vivendi Title to be announced. (,2053,1590735,00.asp)

There are little red shoulder buttons where they're supposed to be, don't worry.

Great Rumbler
The PSP doesn't have analog either, unless that's what that weird thing under the D-Pad is supposed to be.

Dark Jaguar
If the buttons themselves are analog, it'll be more than enough though, namely at least 2 action buttons and the d-pad. So far, the spec sheet released seems to be almost dead on, now I'm willing to believe it was real as it's the MORE likely scenario. Anyway, the system is currenlty N64 level as opposed to the PSP's PS2 level. It's still a big leap, but I just have a feeling they need to kick it up yet another notch.

Dark Jaguar
Not sure if anyone mentioned it, but it seems that while the DS DOES play GBA games, it does not play GBC or GB games... I know it's supposed to be a "3rd tier" and I know the next GB that's intended to be the true heir will have GBC and GB support, but still, it'd be nice to see that added during the redesign they are saying will occur (though it seems it's actually supposed to just be a cosmetic thing).

Aw crap... so I gotta keep my SP.

A Black Falcon
I don't see why they'd support GBA games but not GB or GBC. It'd make no sense at all. I'd need to see proof to believe that...

Oh, and I'd guess against analog buttons on the DS. Nintendo hasn't done them before, and nothing says that they are...

Live E3 feed