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Most of the E3 stuff won't be out until 2005, but the the lineup is still good. Just crappy for most of the summer, as usual. :disgust:


June 7th: The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

July: Not one single game

August 30th: Pikmin 2

September 27th: Donkey Konga

October 11th: Paper Mario 2

November 15th: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

November 29th: Star Fox

Q4 (my guess is December): Geist

Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, Zelda, etc. are all 2005 releases. Still, it's a good lineup. I'll be getting Pikmin 2, Paper Mario 2, MP2, Star Fox, and possibly Geist and DK. So not bad at all.

Gameboy Advance

May 24th: Mario vs. Donkey Kong

June 7th: Classic NES series

June 21st: Mario Golf: Advance Tour

July 26th: Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games

September 7th: Pokémon FireRed and Pokémon LeafGreen

September 14th: F-Zero GP Legend

October 4th: Mario Pinball

October 18th: Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

November 15th: Donkey Kong Country 2

December 6th: Mario Party Advance

The GBA lineup is pretty good, but with the absense of Zelda it's lacking that one killer app.

Then of course there is the DS stuff, but none of those games have been given solid release dates.

A Black Falcon
Hmm... yeah, decent lineup. I see three or four from each that I want... won't get all those of course (at least not immediately), but still, it's fine. Though, one thing... no racing games for Gamecube!

Yeah. :\

Definitely better than last year's GC lineup, though.

Great Rumbler
Pretty good list, although I wish some of those GC games at E3 were coming out this year.

Yeah. :S

Great Rumbler

But the DS should be out this year!

Great Rumbler
That's good!


Great Rumbler

A Black Falcon
Are there any racing games worth mentioning on the Cube this year? :(

Um... Gran Turismo 4!

*runs away*

... that's all I care about. :D

A Black Falcon
c-u-b-e, genious. :)

Yes I know what you said, which is why I ran away.

The line up impresses most of you, but for me, it holds little promise. This surely must be the very end of my already long-ailing Nintendophilia. :confused2


Not even RE4, eh? Not crappy enough for you?

A Black Falcon
As in, is there even anything third-party I should mention? Are we getting Burnout 3? No. Need for Speed? SRS? I don't know... Any futuristic racers? None I know of. Not good...

Oh, and Darunia, if this lineup doesn't make you happy nothing ever could.

Nothing that I know of.

I say we get a gun and put the goron out of his misery.

Oh and no Nintendo made games in July = me having money for ToS

Great Rumbler
The Goron's lost it or something because I see at least 8 games on that list that I want [most of them GC games].

big guy
when's tales of symphonia coming out? that game's gonna roxor my soxors.

July, I think...

Great Rumbler
So that effectively fills the hole left by Nintendo [coincidence?].