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You know, I've always hated this guy, but this recent GA interview makes him look like an even bigger asshole than he was before, and most importantly an extremely immature, cry-baby asshole.

On the morning of the first day of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Gaming Age had an unexpected opportunity to conduct a short interview with Tecmoís Tomonobu Itagaki, the lead designer of the Dead or Alive series and the recently released Ninja Gaiden.

It was soon discovered that Mr. Itagaki is a personal reader of Gaming Age; he immediately brought up the issue of the critical review of Ninja Gaiden run on the site several months back before a single question was asked. At this point, I realized this was not going to be like any other interview Iíd ever been apart of. How often does a Japanese developer who doesnít take criticism well personally chastise you?

The following is a mostly complete transcript (some of the introduction is missing due to a malfunctioning tape recorder) of the conversation between Patrick Klepek (me), John Inada (Tecmoís General Manager, Sales & Marketing Director and translator for Mr. Itagaki) and Tomonobu Itagaki.

John Inada: [In reference to Gaming Ageís critical review of Ninja Gaiden] You know, we donít care. Honest review, thatís fine. But it seemed like a gimmick to me to try and get peopleís attention.

Patrick Klepek: Well, no, it definitely wasnít that. It was just a totally different opinion and as you can probably see, most people are pretty much on the other side of the spectrum.

Inada: (laughs)

Patrick: It was really just one guy who was the odd man out. We would never do that to try and attract attention or try to cash-in.

Inada: (translates for Mr. Itagaki)

Inada: Well, letís talk about DoA: U. Just fire away.

Patrick: Basically, this isnít quite Dead or Alive 4, but youíre bringing it up to speed past Dead or Alive 3?

Tomonobu Itagaki: DoA 4 is going to be on the next Xbox; the next generation consoles. Have you played Dead or Alive 3?

Patrick: Yes, I have.

Itagaki: Itís going to be a completely different game on a different system.

Patrick: Are you incorporating the move sets from Dead or Alive 3 into DoA: U or just the move sets from Dead or Alive 2 and 1?

Itagaki: Two.

Patrick: Just two?

Itagaki: Yes. DoA: Ultimate has [sic] some new system as youíve seen.

Patrick: What are you most proud about with DoA: Ultimate?

Itagaki: Thereís no area in the game that Iím not proud of. I am proud of everything. You know, every component, every element of this game. Thereís no one thing that Iím proud of. Iím proud of the whole thing.

Patrick: Have you had many problems brining the game online?

Itagaki: So far, we havenít really had any problems. What we do is always perfect in our mind that weíre not gonna have any problems like that. We havenít had any issues so far.

Patrick: You had said there would be new storyline elements to Dead or Alive: Ultimate? Can you elaborate on what those will be?

Itagaki: Of course, thereís going to be new story, but I want people to buy the game when it comes out to find out for themselves for the first time. So, Iím not going to reveal any of the story, because thatís why youíre getting that.

Patrick: Similar to Ninja Gaiden, do you plan to incorporate online tournaments and downloadable content?

Itagaki: So, technically, of course, weíre capable of doing many of those things. Itís up to our fans, and if I hear in a voice, if I sense that someone wants certain things, we [will] try to respond to that.

Patrick: This is not related to Code Cronos? Thatís another project you have in development, right?

Itagaki: Of course itís not.

Patrick: Do you have any idea when you might be announcing it, or is it far off?

Itagaki: I hold many secrets, and thatís one of the biggest secrets.

Patrick: With Namcoís Nina game, taking one of their fighting game characters and bringing it into another genre, is that something youíd be interested in doing in the future with one of your Dead or Alive games?

Itagaki: Well, you know, of course, DoA Xtreme Beach Volleyball is a good example of that, We basically took the characters to a different genre of game. But, of course, weíre very careful and conservative and we know what weíre doing, but if someone else were to try and do something like that, taking a character from a fighting game and taking to a different genre, I donít think they can do a very good job at that.

Patrick: Do you mind if I ask a couple of Ninja Gaiden related questions?

Inada: Sure, go ahead.

Patrick: You mentioned you wanted to incorporate player response into upgrades for the Master Ninja Tournament, and wondered if you could go into some of the differences in the game that people will be downloading.

Inada: He [Itagaki] wants you to quote him accurately and exactly how he said, but he says that no matter what you write about Ninja Gaiden, he doesn't [sic] think your readers would trust what you say about Ninja Gaiden.

Patrick: You know, I canít really tell you anything except that it was one guyís opinion and that we strive to [express that opinion] Ė if someone has an opinion, to express it. And unfortunately with Ninja Gaiden, it wasnít quite the one that maybe you were looking for, but unfortunately we have to maintain a certain standard or else weíd be doing a disservice to our readers. But it was never meant as an offense, it was simply his critique and he simply found a lot of problems with the camera that seemed to take it down for him. But as youíve seen, a lot of the gamers didnít have that problem, so, in the end, it almost doesnít matter, but we strive to do what we can to be loyal to the games weíre trying to have our readers have information about, but thereís unfortunately not much I can do.

At this point, Mr. Itagaki's presence was requested at Tecmo's main stage, Patrick's explanation wasn't fully translated and our interview came to a close.

Good grief, so just because they didn't give NG a shining review he resorts to pety insults and extremely rude behavior?

The biggest jackass in the games industry: