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Laser Link
Was there any mention of the Pirates game they announced at E3 last year? How about Skies of Arcadia 2? Anything at all?

Pirates was shown I believe, but nothing on Skies. Prince of Persia 2 looks very Pirate-ish though, so you might want to check that out.

A Black Falcon
Sid Meier's Pirates! 2? Yeah, there were some new screenshots...

Laser Link
Thanks guys. I didn't even realize that both of those games have pirate themes. I still haven't even looked at any of the info on PoP2, or VJ2, or really anything but the Zeldas. I suck.

A Black Falcon - Looks like a good sequel to the classic...

Dark Jaguar
Ah, arabian adventures sure are magical and stuff! Genies are cool, and varied! There's the genie that gives 3 wishes, the one that gives wishes so long as you have it's lamp, the "false genie" that's actually a trap that will turn YOU into a genie trapped in it's lamp and it will go free, so you wait until the next one to repeat the cycle, the money genie from Wario where the strength of the expression of the wish depends on how much cash you pay it (wish for a house, give it a metric trillioin, get a planet to call home).

Okay, fairies grant wishes too. So... genie vs fairy... who would win?

A Black Falcon
Genies are really strong and powerful and faries don't quite have that reputation. I wonder. :)

Dark Jaguar
Fairies do too, I mean both of their only powers are from wish magic.

On a completely random thought, I think the next Final Fantasy class should be Christmas mage. They would use CHRISTMAS magic! You know, like making it snow, making snowmen dance, and um, making paper snowflakes...

alien space marine
Sid Meier's better get his ass into making civilization 4, Add a bloody futuristic age this time. I seriously hope they improve and refine the resource system the idea that Silk and Rubber appear out of no where and you have to add a colony on it ,just doesnt seem right to me.Why cant there be offshore Oil platforms?

A Black Falcon
No, I don't think they should go into the future. That goes against the idea of Civilizationm, of it being a depiction of human history as it actually progressed...

Oh, and the resources don't just appear out of nowhere, I think. They were always there but you can only see them at a certain point...

Why cant there be offshore Oil platforms?
Because of the Environmentalists. ;)