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Great Rumbler
For a few months Sega and Sammy have been more "will they wont they?" then most of the couples on television. It is now official, Sega and Sammy are to merge.

After purchasing a 22.4% stake in Sega last year Sammy are now to fully merge with them. The new company, to be called Sega Sammy Holdings Inc., will be Japan's biggest software company, a title previously held by Konami.

Last year the companies earned 440 billion yen so it looks promising for the new company. The merger will be complete by October 1st but it is not certain how it will affect Sega's future in the gaming industry.

Sammy president Hajime Satomi, the head of the new company, said, "By integrating our operations, we will strive to become the world's number one entertainment company at an earliest time."

We will report with any developments in the case as soon as we get the news.

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A Black Falcon
Sammy is coming up in the world... taking over Sega, getting some control over SNK...

This can't be good news.

A Black Falcon
Probably not, no...

Great Rumbler
It isn't usually a good thing when a big corporation takes over a gaming company, especially when that corporation doesn't develop games itself.

A Black Falcon
They develop a few... they made the Atomiswave platform, and make Guilty Gear... but yeah, they mostly do other stuff.

Its less a merger and more a hostile takeover of Sega by Sammy... :(

Great Rumbler
Yeah, that's basically what it is.

A Black Falcon
Poor Sega...

Great Rumbler
Hopefully they won't mess with Sega too much.

A Black Falcon
Missed the story about how they're going to merge all the Sega studios into one? Sammy wants Sega more centralized... I don't know what'll happen with it but whatever it is it can't be good...

...fuck. I really liked Sega too. :(