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UK developer Free Radical's tongue-in-cheek time-traveling saga continues into the past and future.

-11 missions in five time periods ranging from 1914 to 2401

-First TimeSplitters game with controllable vehicles. You can either drive or man the mounted weapon

-Wow residents of the past with your antigravity claw, which can reach far across gaps, flick distant switches and much more

-Challenge, Arcade and Multiplayer modes

-Hundreds of unlockables

-On harder difficulty levels, you'll have more objectives

This time around, Cortez of TimeSplitters 2 fame is the star of the show. Here, he finds himself in a frantic race against time in a desperate bid to trace the origin of the TimeSplitters and save mankind. Talk about your butterfly effect: the beefy, very cool-looking Cortez double-takes when he runs across his time-traveling self -- and receives crucial hints from said self.

In the one level we saw, Cortez finds himself in the midst of a serious temporal mix-up, attacking a Scottish castle in 1924 beside a British officer who appears congenitally incapable of going a minute without saying "Good show, old chap." Much like EA's Medal of Honor series, completing one sub-mission triggered the next.

Other planned levels include a train in 1969 (EA says this mission has an "Austin Powers" feel), and, in 1994, both a mansion haunted by zombies and what lies beneath it: a lab breeding the zombies.

Cortez's mind-bending ability to assist himself in various time periods opens up unique possibilities for gameplay. Team up with past or future versions of Cortez in solo or co-op mode.

Bottom Line

Despite a change in publisher -- EA stepped in and snagged the rights from Eidos -- fans will be glad to note that this game maintains the franchise's oddball mix of mayhem and wackiness. There's always the remote possibility that an unforeseen time-warp lands TimeSplitters: Future Perfect on store shelves in medieval France. However, it's better to assume that it will appear in stores early next year.

Future "Perfect", huh? Interesting title.

Though EA is publishing it I wonder who's deving it. These shots look they could be taken from a remake of N64's Goldeneye which is a good thing.

TS2 on GC gave me a headache with it's odd controller configuration. No matter how many times I customize it, it feels weird. I need the N64 controller for proper FPS playing. :D

I tested myself the other day and I realized I can still take down a group of Darksims with handguns (I hate the Pheonix in the hands of a darksim, explosive head shots are bad), automatics and explosives but in TS2, I can be killed by a group of 5 star bots pretty quickly, no matter what I try. It just doesn't have that ingenius style of PD that allowed the player to actually BE perfect and become a thousand times more deadly than a Darksim. I'm hoping TS3 has a better controller setup this time... every function doesn't need its own button.

On a side note, has anyone ever found a way to use a N64 controller on the GC? I know you can use a PS2 controller on the XBox so I thought maybe that idea rubbed off for GC too.

Great Rumbler
I know I'm getting this. The first two have been pretty good, although the second was quite a bit better than the first.

Though EA is publishing it I wonder who's deving it.

It's being developed by Free Radical Design [former Rare employees].

Man, Time Splitters 2 for the GC had the best console FPS controls ever. I would always play GE and PD using the Turok-style of controls (move with c buttons, aim and turn with stick), so what I do is use the c-stick to strafe and move and the left stick to aim and turn. It works amazingly well.

I tried that too. It works for one player but when you're fighting massive groups of top AI bots those controls do not work at all; It's way too slow.

GR/ Good, cuz EA has a way of turning good games in to krap.

Too slow? I still play lots of TS2 multiplayer with plenty of tough bots and I never found the turning or aiming too slow. And if you need more precision you just have to press aim.