View Thread : TC is bugged up

alien space marine
When ever I make a post it doesnt count it on the forum display , It also has this error message everytime I post.

WTF is going on?

Yup, somebody call Roto Rooter

Take cover in the trench, ABF is going to blow soon!

Great Rumbler
It's fixed now.

alien space marine
Tc nearly went two days without activity whats going on?

A Black Falcon
I would have cared, if my cousin hadn't been here to visit for the weekend... but as it is I spent much of the last few days playing videogames. :)

Well, except for our game of Samuai Swords (boardgame. Axis & Allies-style. Four hours and we finished three turns. :))...

alien space marine
In spent most of my time posting at Gateworld and forum.

People were posting, but the board wasn't showing the posts in the forum view. If you went in to the threads, you would see the new posts.

Private Hudson
Serves you right, you dirty abbo cunt.