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Great Rumbler
As memories of this year's E3 begin to fade, we bring you some good news from Nintendo on the DS and its lineup at launch!

Multi-platformers may take interest that the Nintendo DS is now scheduled for a supposed March 18th launch in the European region - which will put it head to head against the PSP if true.

Furthermore, the following first party titles will supposedly be available at launch, no surprises here as they were mostly the Demo games at E3.

Animal Crossing DS

Mario Kart DS

Metroid: Hunters

Super Mario Bros. Game



Super Mario 64x4

WarioWare DS

European release date. Blah.

That's a pretty good first-party lineup, but what exactly is "Nintendogs"?

Cube-Europe (

A Black Falcon
Isn't it supposed to be 'just before the christmas shopping season' in the US? I'd expect somewhere between September and early November at the latest.

alien space marine
DS could stand for anything.

Dip shit , Dick Sucker ,Donut stand , Dork sex,Dark semen,Docter smooth,
Dead stuff , Dead stop ,Deaf support,Desk stand ,Dead shit ,Dead Shiggy,Do Shag, Dont shoot ,Du Shu. ect...

Animal Crossing DS!


Imagine the possibilites!


Great Rumbler
You could have online neighborhoods via the Wifi!!



You could have your house on one screen and the neighborhood on another! Someone might try to steal your stuff when you aren't home :D.

And imagine catching fish and bugs, and seeing all the info about it on the second screen!



Dark Jaguar
That can all be done with one screen. That's not the impressive part. The part where the bottom screen is a touch pad where the controls, and thus your fingers, are is what matters. Thus, imagine all manner of extra controls that change based on the context!

Ya know, Metroid Hunters doesn't impress me. I mean, the ability to just point at something and watch it die seems far too cheap. HOWEVER, Pac-Pix is what REALLY convinced me. If you really have the freedom of drawing the pac creatures in most any way you want, then it truly does show exactly why this way is a better way of doing things. On the other hand, those bongo games are just buttons that are shaped differently, thus they reek of gimic.

A Black Falcon
Gimmick? But Donkey Kong Jungle Beat was called one of the most fun games at E3 by a lot of people who actually played it... :)
Oh, and Metroid Prime Hunters definitely looks like it has issues. Having to tap on the screen for every shot? What a pain...

Dark Jaguar
Yeah, but still it's just two buttons... Then again, Dance Dance is just 4 buttons but they are placed in just the right places for "teh funk" to emerge, and those poor soles playing console versions with controllers just aren't getting it... Honestly, I can't see it, but I suppose I'd have to play it. Okay, I'll give it a chance when I see a store demo.

alien space marine
:banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: Adventures of banana man that would be cool!

A Black Falcon
DJ, three buttons. Remember, clapping is a function too... and a drum is a lot bigger than a normal button so how you interact with it is different, I'm sure.

I'm not sure how much I'll like the controls, but using a stylus to point and aim at things to shoot at isn't any "cheaper" than using an automatic targeting system to shoot stuff.