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Dark Jaguar
Weight: Um, I'm gonna say... 250...
Job: Works outta the home, and that's all I know.
Car: Eh, doesn't matter, they all get frickin' trashed to bejeezus and back.
Special powers: Possesses a magical belt that bestows the owner with all the powers of legendary 1970's super group "Foreigner"

Weight: I dunno, he's fat too
Job: Soccer coach, but really sucks
Car: Well, it's green (I think) and has a lovely crackle glass design (well, actually all the windows are just flat out broken...)
Special powers: Owns a collection of VERY well made swords made by some master craftsman that can cut through anything, that he bought from some show on TV...

Now as far as the shows themselves are concerned, I like AQHF more of course, though HM is pretty funny too (I like dry humor), but these two guys... They amuse me to no end. Thus, I present to you, BATTLE OF THE WHITE TRASH!

*waits for battle*

Great Rumbler
Umm....I like Aqua Teen Hunger Force...

Dark Jaguar
Yes, so do I.

Wow, old thread that NO ONE even bothered responding to, except you. Forgot to turn it into a poll I guess.

Great Rumbler
That's the problem! There's no poll!

A Black Falcon
Who in the world is McGurk?

Great Rumbler
He's the soccer coach from Home Movies. If you've had Cartoon Network you'd know.