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OB1 the best damn movie-licensed game I've played in ages. It's one of the best FPS's I've played in a long time, even though there's not a whole lot of shooting. Oh and it's the best-looking game on any system right now as well, aside from maybe Far Cry if you have an insanely powerful PC. Prettier than Doom 3, oh yes.

The game takes place inside a huge prison, and stealth is key. There's plenty of fighting as well, most mostly hand-to-hand combat which works incredibly well for a FPS. It's actually a lot of fun. There are also these really cool counters where you can turn a guard's gun on themselves. Stuff like that. I won't give you a review right now since I haven't finished the game just yet and I'm sure you've heard from everyone else just how great it is, but I believe it deserves repeating. If you have an X-Box, but the game NOW if you can.

Private Hudson
Yah, this game sounds like a gem. I was very surprised when I saw GameSpot's review score on it.

Keep the impressions coming once you've finished the game. I'm still undecided as to whether or not I will purchase the game. But with a reported length of about 10 - 12 hours, sound like it'll be an excellent rental.

Even if I hate Vin Diesel..

A Black Falcon
Based only on previews for some of his movies, I formed an opinion that Vin Disel looks and sounds dumb and I disliked him. He looks and sounds like he'd fit in well in pro wrestling... okay, so maybe he's not like that, but that's the impression I got. Makes me less likely to want to see this film...

On a semi-related note, did you know he used to play a lot of D&D?

Great Rumbler
This is about the game, ABF, not the movie.

Anyway, I definitely want this game as I've heard many good things about it. As much as I'd like to get the PC version I'm forced to admit that my comp probably couldn't handle it, soooo onto the Xbox version I suppose.

A Black Falcon
But it's a game related to the move so why not this thread?

Great Rumbler
Because this thread is about the movie!! The movie might be average [don't know haven't seen it] and Vin Deisel might not be a great actor, but based on what I've heard so far CoR is an awesome game with very boss graphics.

A Black Falcon
But no matter how good it is, it's just for X-Box at this point...

There's no PC version of Riddick, Johnny.

I finished the game on sunday and it was a very satisfying experience. Maybe 8-10 hours to beat, but like Tycho says I don't rate my food based on how long it takes me to eat it. :) It was an excellent game, but perhaps not worth $50. Though mind you very few games are worth $50 to me.

And for the record, Vin Diesel is a really cool guy in interviews. Most of his movies suck but in real life he's got a lot of personality and charm, and maybe someday we'll see that in one of his film roles.

A Black Falcon

PC version of Riddick is coming. Sometime, but it's coming.