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Game Informer recently went along to Retro Studios to preview Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. This is very big as no other press company has done so. Game Informer took down many notes during their playing and talked in depth with some guys behind the game. All the information from their upcoming issue can be found below.

Behind the Scenes
The staff remains pretty similar to Metroid Prime. Ninety percent of the original fifty staff have remained on board at Retro Studios. Nintendo have sent over some of their employees to really help the game, including producer Kensuke Tanabe, who, during his eighteen year experience, has worked on titles such as Super Mario Brothers 2. Akira Otani is also acting as project supervisor and both are keeping a very close eye on the development of the title.

The team are working closely with Nintendo of Japan and are receiving a lot of feedback, through emails and conference calls, to really help push this game to it’s limits. The team are very thankful for this, as they are passionate about making this game great.

Some interesting information about how the game is created was also released. Every area begins with a “blue room” which is blank. This allows the developers to program the area how they want, rather then working around the art staff. Then every room is tested to provide quality game play before handing it over to the art guys.

The art guys then put in impressive textures and really change the look of the “blue rooms” and often include secret areas to help the developers hide those pesky secrets players spend hours looking for.

The art team have pulled their fingers out for this game, everything has been improved. The lighting, models, geometry, textures, everything. Retro Studios credit this to a clear division of labour, so the experts can work on what they do best; rather then doing lots of things they do well.

The areas will also feature a grander look. While in Metroid Prime the team were scared it would look like you could fall of the edge in the new game they have shelved that fear and allowed the art team to create impressive textures that add an immense look to the areas. To inject more life into the game animated objects are featured in most areas.

The control scheme will remain largely the same, but Retro Studios are looking into a dual analogue scheme and the possibility to choose between the two.

Light and Dark, Black and White, Chalk and Cheese
We’ve seen it all before, the spaceship slowly levitating towards the floor and the ‘door’ opening up. The armour-clad foot steps out and the camera pans out to reveal Samus. So what is she up to now you wonder?

Well Samus, being the excellent Bounty Hunter she is, is sent off to Aether to search for the Galactic Federation Troopers who have gone missing. However life is never simple for Samus, as she soon finds out that Aether, similar to Tallon IV has been hit by a Phazon meteor decades earlier and has caused the world to split off into two different worlds; light and dark. Both the worlds are constantly battling against each other; Samus takes it upon herself to stop this.

In the light world Luminoth roam around causing trouble for Samus. Likewise in the dark world Ing are out to disrupt Samus. These creatures have advantages in their home worlds but can travel between the two worlds using portals, just like Samus can. These enemies have improved Artificial Intelligence over the last game, like all the creatures in the game. Much like Zelda: A Link to the Past there is a large emphasis on travelling between the two worlds to further yourself in the game.

The two worlds interconnect and the map really helps show just how they do. You can discover new routes in, say the dark world that are not available in the light world. This means there will be subtle differences that you must discover and use to your advantage to complete the game.

The two worlds are more then just opposites, they also provide a challenge themselves. The Phazon polluted world inflicts damage if you roam around freely, so you must stay within shielded areas. You can temporarily increase the shield by shooting Luminoth crystals and running between the safe zones. Like the main idea of the game it also has an opposite effect, if an enemy is in the right place you can shoot the crystal and it will attack the enemy with great force.

Weaponry Galore
As well as two worlds Samus has two opposite beams. While there is the standard Power Beam, and a yet unknown fourth beam, Samus can be equipped with the Light Beam and the Dark Beam. The Light Beam allows players to defeat dark enemies, such as the Ing, easier, and vice versa. This is similar to how the elemental beams in Metroid Prime worked. However one big change to the series is the introduction of ammunition. There will be plenty of ammunition to go around but how you acquire it is interesting. If you want ammunition for your Dark Beam you must destroy enemies or objects with your Light Beam, and again vice versa.

The Light Beam and Dark Beam become different in many ways when charged up. While the Light Beam shoots out a shotgun-like spray the Dark Beam shoots out goo when charged. This goo is described as having a “life of its own.” The goo can home onto enemies and when fired it can slow them, but if charged it can freeze them. The goo can also bounce off floors and other enemies, so if done correctly you can freeze multiple enemies.

An interesting new weapon is the Seeker Missile. This missile allows players to “lock on” to multiple targets and set the missile to hit them. It can be used with other things, such as the Dark Visor to provide whole new challenges.

Samus Aran v2.0
The Morph Ball was perfect during Metroid Prime, so it has been improved for its sequel. The Screw Attack is back, but unlike the 2D version it cannot drill through walls and such, but it is mainly used to travel along the level.

Like the visors and weapons the Morph Ball can be upgraded, including old favourites such as Morph Ball Bomb, Power Bomb, Boost Ball and Spider Ball. They have all been improved as well. The Spider Ball has gone under a massive transformation. Unlike the first game players can use the Spider Ball on “complex surfaces” to travel around more areas. One way this is utilised is that Samus, while in the Morph Ball, can be shot out of Morph Ball Cannons and then can land on other walls far away and explore.

On top of new weapons come new visors, specifically the Echo and Dark Visors. When you switch on the Echo Visor the view turns black and white and you will be able to see “pings”, which is in fact sound. This mode is not going by unused, as “Shriekers” are already in place. They attack Samus with invisible sonic blasts, which can only be seen with the Echo Visor. The Dark visor however allows players to see things they may not be able to in the Light World, or in the case of Ings to lock onto them, not possible with the normal visor.

The impressive visor effects seen in Metroid Prime also get an improvement this time around. Some of the confirmed effects include rain splashing off your visor and bright light causing the screen to be washed out, a rather impressive and realistic effect.

The game also sees a Gravity Suit, which allows Samus to move around underwater without any difficulties. It basically provides a third jump, in a hover jet like way, so that players can explore more areas, something that will probably mean scrolling back to old worlds to explore those previously unreachable areas.

Talking of worlds, Retro Studios have confirmed that the game will see many different environments. While the preview only included a massive alien temple and a swamp they did state that normal Metroid levels, such as generic fire and ice levels, will not make an appearance. Retro Studios wish to make this game seem like a whole new experience, and decided this was a good way to do that.

Foes That Cause Woes
When some of the first screens were released there were hints at an alternative Samus. It has been revealed that this Samus, aptly named “Dark Samus” is very fast and very dangerous. She tends to destroy the environment while trying to destroy you, a visual beauty indeed.

It is unknown yet if you will encounter Dark Samus several times, but it would be safe to guess you probably do. However we do known that the first boss of the game will be called “Amorbis” which is like a giant worm. However the boss comes in three stages, which adds an extra challenge rather then just blasting the hell out of it.

Other enemies that have been unveiled include Grenchlers, which are amphibious creatures that do not mind about chasing after you in or out of the water. If they find their having difficulties killing their prey they will shoot electricity at them, but if this has extra effects in water is unknown. However what we do known is that the back of their shell is their weak spots, so aim for that.

Space Pirate Commandoes are rather viscous and well equipped enemies. They have a Variable Pulse Cannon, E-Grenade Launcher and Energy Scythe at their disposal, all of which they will use to take Samus out. As well as all this weaponry they have a shield, allowing them to repel most attacks and a cloaking ability, rendering them invisible to everything except the Dark Visor, making them very problematic foes indeed.

The Ing creatures that were previously discussed come in three variations, Inglet, Warrior Ing and Hunter Ing. Inglets are amorphous blobs that can cling to most surfaces, which is where they will fire dark matter in self-defence. They usually travel in groups and avoid bright lights.

The Warrior Ing are very different however. They are made of pure darkness, never a good thing to look for in an enemy, and can turn into pools of liquid to travel around. The Warrior Ings can also turn themselves into deadly projectiles of dark matter and use their razor-sharp legs to attack Samus in close combat. They can open up small portals to the light world, which turn into deadly light beams after you. While Warrior Ings cannot handle the light world they can possess creatures from the light world to travel around.

If you thought that was bad, wait until you meet a Hunter Ing. They can fly, which is never good, and make their bodies intangible, so they can pass through other creatures with ease. While they are vulnerable to the Light Beam it becomes a challenge to dodge their tentacles, which act like missles.

Multiplayer Metroid
The multiplayer mode has caused quite a stir in the online world, and some concrete details have been announced. Mark Pacini, the game’s director, announced a major concern. ”We wanted to bring all the things that are unique to the Metroid universe into multiplayer. This isn’t Quake. This isn’t Halo. It’s Metroid.” It appears that Retro Studios want the multiplayer mode to grow out of the game, rather then lumping it on.

Like the single player mode, the multiplayer mode will heavily feature the Morph Ball. Players can use it to escape or to inflict damage if they ram against other players. Morph Ball upgrades, such as Spider Ball, will also be included, adding a whole new layer.

Pacini did state that a “Death Ball Mode” will see players bound to the Morph Ball where if they touch someone else the other player dies. Sure to provide some interesting fun, and a few games of cat and mouse.

While details of other play modes and levels were not included Retro Studios did announce that they plan to have the four player split-screen multiplayer mode running at sixty frames per second, not an easy task.

Overall Metroid Prime 2: Echoes is looking to be a very promising game and this is one very excited news reporter! Many thanks go out to Game Informer who provided all this information, make sure you buy the new issue, out soon.

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