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Star Ocean 2 is possibly on the best RPGs you can get on the PSX. A fusion of scifi and fantasy the likes of which we may never see again [except in Star Ocean 3, that is]. It had nice graphics, some very well made music, had some nice CG and avoided shoving it in your face every 2 seconds, and it had a likable cast of characters [albeit questionable dialogue translation]. It also had one more thing, the on thing that causes me to at once love and utterly hate this abomination of an awesome game. The bosses. Never have I seen such insanely hard and totally cheap bosses. They aren't content to hit you with a powerful spell and then sit back as you smack away at them with swords and magics. Oh no. Thanks to the battle system, which can make the game fun or agravating, allows the boss to use one powerful spell over and over until all of party is killed. And make no mistake he'll do it every time. To combat this you have to be quick and you have to stick it to him with all you've got.

I just want to beat Star Ocean 2!! Is that too much to ask, Enix?!

Which boss is giving you a hard time?

I didn't find any of them to be particularly hard. Preparation is very much key, as is knowing how to manipulate the skills system.

For instance, you can attain Claude's most powerful weapon very early in the game if you know the processes involved. I think it's definitely worth trying.

Also, don't bother with any spellcasters except Rena (for her healing), because their attacks take too long and don't hurt enough. Your fighters can hit harder and faster, and that is very much key, especially because hitting a spellcaster will stop them from casting spells. Having three people keep to this task makes life much easier.

A party of Claude, Rena, Bowman and Ashton can kick all ass. Claude is strong, Bowman is strong and VERY fast, and Ashton, at higher levels, is like having a second Claude.

*loves Star Ocean 2*

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The party I have right now is Claude, Opera [skipped Ashton for her, bleh], Celine, and Rena. At this point trying to get any of my other character up to there levels would take forever.

Anyway, to answer your question I'm at the final boss. I decided though to go to the Heraldry Temple and do some massive EXP hunting. So far it working out pretty good and all my party is up to at least level 92.

*loves Star Ocean 2*

*seconds that*

Okay. Indalecio is quite tough, especially after he does the transform.

Here's a few ways to make it easier.

1. Get some Bunny Shoes. You can Pickpocket the guy in the Bunny Suit at the Bunny Races at Fun City (save before you attempt this). You can also win more in the Races, but it's very hard.

Alternatively, you can play through the Temple and get ahold of... Valkyrie Boots, I think they're called? Maybe not, but they do the same thing to you: Make the wearer INCREDIBLY fast. You just cannot keep up with Indalecio without them.

2. Find something that absorbs Earth attacks. Indie's Earthquake spell is murderous, even over level 100.

3. Getting to Level 120 makes life easier.

4. You didn't do the Private Action with Filia in Central City, did you? Doing that PA makes Indalecio several times stronger (1.5 million HP!!)

5. Celine sucks. I'm sorry. She's cute, but she's an awful character. It may be worth trying to build up another character if you can (do you have Bowman?)

Which character did you start as?

After you nail Indalecio, I would recommend another playthrough as the other character, but this time, you can really kick some ass with this little set up:

The most important thing to make sure is that your starting character has the Dexterity skill. More than anything else, this is of the utmost importance. If they don't, start the game over until you get it.

Then, after you beat Alen-Tax, start building your levels. Do whatever you can to acquire 40,000 Fol. Then, go to Herlie and buy the Bandit Gloves.


Once you have the gloves, go and buy the skills Sensibility 1 and Sensibility 2 from skill guilds that can be found in almost every major city. When you buy those, build up the skills Courage and Poker Face for your Dexteritous character until level 10. It also helps a lot if you max out Perserverance, as it makes learning all skills much easier.

Then you can steal some really awesome stuff all through the game (even in PAs!) and make tons of cash. One of the best things you can steal at the beginning is the Treasure Chest from an old man in Mars. Steal it and save your game. Then, open it. It gives you three items randomly. You can reload the game and open it again to get different things. The best thing you can get is the Marvel Sword for Claude, which has an insane power level (1100!), many, many times greater than any weapon in this part of the game offers.

Now, go to Clik in a PA. (Save beforehand!!). You will meet Filia (and you can steal an item, Mischief, that when equipped, makes items randomly appear out of nowhere! But more importantly is the Berserk Ring, which you can nab from a sailor. This ring doesn't give you any real bonus, so far as your stats say. But it does have this neat little effect of DOUBLING your attack! So you get the Berserk Ring and the Marvel Sword on Claude, and you have a low-level guy dishing out at least 2000 HP PER HIT.

And that's not all!!

If Claude has Originality as a basic skill, this is easier, but it's not a requirement.

Buy the skill sets that give you Craft, Metal Casting, and Functionality. I don't remember which they are, but you should be buying them all anyway, and you'll get them early on. These teach you the Customize skill. Max these out with Claude.

Buy some Smith's Hammers. A few.

Accrue about 150 or so skill points. Save.

Now, try to max out the Radar skill, which by now you should have. If you don't have enough points, reload and get enough.

The reason for this is, every time you increase your Radar, you get a random item. What you're shooting for is two pieces of Mithril. Reload and max out Radar again and again until you get two.


Now, once you have it, save.

Since your customize skill is maxed, customize your Sharp Edge with one Mithril piece. If you are successful, you will get the Minus Sword. Reload and customize until you get it. Save it when you do.

Now, customize your Minus Sword with the other piece of Mithril. Success will bring you the Eternal Sphere sword, which is extraordinarily wicked and powerful. It has an attack of 1600, weaker than only two other weapons in the whole game, but it has a special attribute: It shoots stars, which land multiple hits. We're talking several thousands of HP damage per strike, with the Berserk Ring. This makes you practically invincible for a great deal of the game.

Have fun. And make sure you get Bowman and Ashton this time. Opera is okay, Ashton is better. With Opera you can get her boofer Ernest to join, but not only is getting Ernest very difficult, he's effeminate, and he's so weak that it's a waste of time. Ashton is MUCH better.

If you don't have the Eternal Sphere in the game you're playing now, that might also turn the tide. But know that you can get it right after the Lacour Tournament.

The best I've done is Level 165 (Rena's Game), I've gotten to the final floor of the Hidden Temple, but the boss there makes mincemeat of me, even at that level. Indalecio, however, is a pushover by this point.

I think it's level 9 or 10 that has these monsters that attack extra fast. Most of them just drain your MP, but some of them do the same thing to your HP, and even at Lv 160 they can wipe their ass with you.

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1. Get some Bunny Shoes.

That's what I'm going after now.

4. You didn't do the Private Action with Filia in Central City, did you? Doing that PA makes Indalecio several times stronger (1.5 million HP!!)

My brother accidentally did that on his game and eventually just gave up.

do you have Bowman?

The saved game I'm on now is about my second [maybe third] attempt at SO2. I decided that I'd try to get some of the characters that were harder to get. So, instead of Bowman I have Precis.

It may be worth trying to build up another character if you can

My main party is now at 98 at least, everyone else is on level stupid [40].

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Well, I finally decided to drop Celine from my main party. I brought up Chisato because she seemed like the only person that could really do any good. As of now Claude is at level 119 and Chisato is up to around level 95. Not bad for a few hours work.

Right now I have what is possibly the most powerful attack in the whole game. Claude's Ripping Blast at level 999. You can really jack some fools up with that.

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Not that anyone cares, but I finally beat SO2. Ending could have been a little bit better, but it was pretty good. And now, onward to Chrono Cross!!