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On my latest play through Final Fantasy X, I payed extra attention to little details to compile this quiz. Some questions are easier than others, some are probably a bit tricky, and a couple are trick questions. PM your answers to me, and I'll post everybodys results here. Good luck!

1. Lulu guarded two other summoners before Yuna. Who were they? (names, please)
2. Zev Ronso is a member of which Blitzball team?
3. Where does the party visit first, Bevelle or Bikanel?
4. What is O'aka's full name?
5. Name the two Ronso warriors whom Kimahri fights alone on Mt. Gagazet?
6. Which high summoner used to be a Blitzball player?
7. What is the name of the little girl Yuna meets on the Mi'ihen highroad?
8. Which of the four maesters was still alive at the end of the game?
9. When does Wakka discover that Rikku is Al Bhed?
10. Which boat do you take from Kilika to Luca?
11. At what point does Tidus' Brotherhood sword acquire the Waterstrike ability?
12. Which character witnessed Auron die? (His actual death, not his sending)
13. In order, which Aeons do Isaaru summon against Yuna in the Via Purifico?
14. When Seymour joins your party for one battle, what is the name of his Overdrive?
15. What Black Magic spell requires you to unlock 3 Lvl. 4 Locks to reach?
16. What is the name of the hidden temple near the Calm Lands?
17. Why is Rikku afraid of thunder?
18. What is the maximum number any of the characters stats can reach?
19. In what four places do you battle Seymour?
20. Besides Machina, there is one random encounter fiend that cannot be captured. What fiend is this, and where is it found?

Okay, PM your answers to me, and we'll see who knows the most about Final Fantasy X!

<b>alien space marine: 5 out of 20</b>

Private Hudson
I think you should learn to read the entire post before you reply ASM, not just the last three quarters of it.

Private message, ASM. It's no biggie. Half your answers are wrong anyway. I need NAMES on those previous two summoners, by the way. I"ll accept these as your answers though, and delete your post, and send you your answers results by PM.

2. Zev Ronso is a member of which Blitzball team?
Besaid Aurochs in the game I'm currently playing. As soon as you can play Blitzball on the save spheres you can go back into Luca and get him. Hes pretty good all around and can get a huge ammount of EN. (Isn't responding to the trivia just pointing out this)

Answer to #10: Zidane