View Thread : Real live X-Men-like Mutant born in Germany?!

UltraMarioMan Can Optic Eye Blasts and Wolverine level healing be far behind?

Great Rumbler
He could be a superhero!!

A Black Falcon
Mutations happen... but that's a weird one. A more normal mutation would be having 6 fingers or toes, or something like that... :)

A normal mutation? Now there's an oxymoron. :)

alien space marine
my Nefue,Was born with genetic defections and is missing bones in his arm and only has 5 fingers in total, 2 on the right side and 3 on the left.
besides that he is perfectly healthy and inteligent infact his inteligence is exceptional.

I heard of a family that had genes that made their glans go nuts and they grew so much hair everywhere on their bodies, They looked like Werewolves.

I think the babies health condition is because of what the mother did at pregnacy being a athelete, I wonder if she had taken steroids or some other doping drugs?

Maybe the baby is a rare genetic disorder not documented simular to like Andrew the giants excellerated on uncontroled growth condition that eventaully killed him.

Yeah, but does he have the strength of five gorillas?

Great Rumbler
I bet he has the strength of a gorilla that has the strength of five gorillas.

alien space marine
he doesnt have gorrila strenght!

7 pounds is his best acheivement, Not bad for a baby.

Look on the bright side we can still win using gadgets! :)

Dark Jaguar
...what? Win using gadgets? What does that even MEAN? I ask you!

This kid is the one mutant who won't get picked on... :D

Of course, thing is, this sort of mutation might allow normal muscle tissue to grow out of control, but what about heart muscle tissue? The problem with steroid abuse is that the heart doesn't catch up with the rest of the body, so when the other muscles go to their limit, it goes beyond the heart's limit. I think that's what the doctors are talking about when they say they are afraid of future heart problems.

If, however, the heart tissue and other such alternate muscle tissues also grow at an astounding pace, we have a new super hero! I shall call this person... um... the Bulk!

alien space marine
...what? Win using gadgets? What does that even MEAN? I ask you!

Would you win in a fight agiast the Bulk?

Id need my Macgyver tricks.

Oh, I was hoping it'd be a cool mutation, like being able to fly or go through walls.

Great Rumbler
GR: I want super powers too!! *rolls around in industrial waste*

*Later that day*

Doctor: I'm afraid I've got some bad news.

GR: I only gained the ability to speak to fish?

Doctor: No, you've got lymphoma.

GR: Oh...

A Black Falcon
That is the more likely result, yes... :)

Dark Jaguar
I have the amazing super power ability of being able to grow my finger nails really long... oh who am I kidding it sucks...

Some person: Is that all you can do?

DJ: *scratches person's arm*

Person: Hey ow! Ow, hey is that bleeding? No, it's not bleeding, but still ow!

OB1 was right! DJ is a female! She has Meg Griffin's super power which somehow proves it. :D

Great Rumbler
*has the ability to do...nothing* :(

I have the ability to endure high levels of stupidity for long amounts of time without snapping and going on a killing spree!

Great Rumbler
Always an important ability to have.