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Dark Lord Neo
Well the Liberal Party of Canada has won their fourth consecutive mandate. THis is the first time any party has achived this since the Liberals achived it in 1908. They will however be forming a minority government.
Polls showed that this was supposed to be a very close election but that was not the case.
This is what the results currently look like
Liberal Party of Canada: 136 seats
Conservative Party of Canada: 91 seats
Bloc Quebecouis: 56 seats
New Democratic Party: 23 Seats
Independent: 1
What I thought was funny was that at one point, Prime Minister Martin was losing his seat, to a sepratist.

Happy to see the Liberals win, which was expected, but I'm still dissapointed in how extremely narrow-minded Alberta is. 27 out of 28 seats Conservative. In my riding, my MP had 95% of the votes. And it's been like that for years.

A Black Falcon
95%? Do they even bother with competitors?

alien space marine
I am desapointed the liberals won , I think having a party in power for 16 years is asking for trouble, If It was Trudeau it would be different.

I dont mind Martin , But I dont believe that someone as high up as him never knew about the sponsorship program and what was going on.I dont like that the health care is sopposed to be top priority but he is using goverment money to give 80 million to his stupid family corporation so they can get Job benifits.

I dont like Harper, But he was the only one who had taken the military as a very high priority. How long can we go on mission after mission and keep cutting the military at the same time?If another world war would happen we would not be abled to do much like we did in WW2. If al'qeada attacked us! I would not like begging the americans to defend us nore would they like it either. After the Khadr incident Osama has said himself a few months ago canada is 5th on his list to strike, Lets not mess up like the U.S did on 9/11 lets be prepared , Canada is not safe from terrorism just fortunate.

I am scared about the Bloc quebecois , I just moved back to Quebec this year ,After Jean Charest is finnished his term am I gonna go back to living in the nightmare of a referendum? I left quebec last time after 1995 because of it, I thought it was dieing and now it appears not to be. If quebec goes into another referendum I am gonna go out and swim across the river into Ottawa since I live Gatineau on the other side as my way of protest. I was born in quebec what would happen to my canadian citizenship?The Cree and the Mohawk are gonna be pissed too they could lose all their agreements.

Just for comparison's sakes.


Liberal Party - 135 seats
Conservative Party - 99 seats
Bloc Québécois - 54 seats
New Democratic Party - 19 seats


Liberal Party - 172 seats
Canadian Alliance - 66 seats
Progressive Conservative Party - 12 seats
Bloc Québécois - 38 seats
New Democratic Party - 13 seats

Note: the Canadian Alliance and the Progressive Conservatives merged into the Conservative Party prior to the 2004 elections.

The convergence of the right-wing vote took away a few seats from the Libs in Ontario, but IMO where they really lost out was in Quebec. Seats just flocked away from them to the Bloc, no doubt that announces a Parti Québecois government in the next provincial elections.

Dark Lord Neo
I'm just glad that we didn't elect a militant racist homophobe(Harper).
I think it would have been cool if the NDP had won

Oh and just for comparison, this shows roughly how left wing or right wing the Canadian parties are.