View Thread : Don't worry, Ultima fans!

A Black Falcon
EA doesn't hate you! Sure, UO2 and UXO were both cancelled. But don't worry, EA's doing something... another UO expansion. Yup. The second I saw UXO was dead I saw this coming, for sure... honestly, I saw this cancellation coming too. And they said the exact same thing they did after canning UO2 -- "we want to refocus our efforts on making UO great!"... how long do they think they can keep this game going as a modern title? Running it as a nostalgia game is fine, and probably what it is, but I wonder how long they can keep the game running like this...

I can't believe it. Well, actually I can. This game looked like shit though. I was depressed when UO2 was canned but I feel nothing for this game.

Ultima is dead to me.

A Black Falcon
Yeah, Ultima died when Gariott left Origin... UO2 and UXO looked interesting, but without him I don't know if they could have been great Ultima games. Sure, they might have been able to make something somewhat similar. But without him it'd just not be the same... but still, it's sad to see the game get cancelled. But it's worse to see them exploit the UO fanbase like this with yet another expansion.