View Thread : Happy birthday, Laser Link!

Great Rumbler
Yay! It's another birthday!

A Black Falcon
What a nice birthday message, GR!

That really is Laser Link, you know.

Happy birthday, Laser Link :D.

Hey, Weltall, get over here with that "Happy Birthday Stud" picture!

A Black Falcon
1) find thread with image. In this case, a birthday thread.
2) rightclick on image
3) choose "copy link location"
4) go to thread that needs image
5) paste and add img tags

Great Rumbler
That takes work, though. It's much easier just to complain until someone else does it.

A Black Falcon
Well it worked. Congratulations. :)

Great Rumbler

Dark Lord Neo
Happy Birthday

Happy birthday stud!


*checks email after a month*

Crap, you gave me a nice long email about everything and I didn't even check on it! :(

I work two jobs now so I have like negative free time. But I really do want to talk to you about something very important and I'd like to do it in realtime. And it would be even better if I could talk to both you and OB1 at the same time.

If you guys could both find some time... schedule? to talk to me on MSN soon... As a favor to me? I would love that!

But here I am being selfish. Happy birthday, Luke!

alien space marine
Have a nice cake and eat it too!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm! Cake!

Laser Link
Awww, thanks guys. You all rock.

Ryan, I think I stole all your free time, because I have nothing to do. Programmer jobs are hard to find, especially when you don't look too hard... But I never get on Trillian anymore, so we should set up a time when we can meet. What works for you, oh busy one.

Oh, and since this thread is all about me, you can go visit my new website <a href=""></a>. It has nothing on it but a spiffy spalsh image, but it's a start. And a cool email address. And image storage place. And someday soon I'll put the racing game I did for school on there (real soon if anybody actually wants to play it and get a nice laugh) and whatever other cool school projects I did. Ooh, I could put up the buggy compiler I wrote, so you can learn to program in a little language my friends and I like to call C--. I was gonna do a blog thingy, but I don't think I'm interesting or dedicated enough. Any ideas?