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Did anyone here get Sabre Wulf yet? It's Rare's latest GBA release, came out back in June. If this were 1999 we'd be all over this like crazy. EB has it for $20 so I think I'll pick it up soon.

Great Rumbler
Yeah, if this were '99 I'd probably be all over this game, but alas I'm older now and more cynical...

Pfft, it got good reviews.

A Black Falcon
It looks good, sure... above-average platformer with a lot of references to Rare's ancient Spectrum games, I've heard. Though no one in North America has played those games so the references will be lost on everyone outside England... oh well, I'm sure it makes the game cooler for them. :) But it does look good. Not great, probably, but good.

It got an 8 from IGN. That's really good.