View Thread : Bunch of Nintendo stuff (in Japan)

A Black Falcon
Kururin for NGC...

Custom Robo GBA

F-Zero Climax for GBA

Fire Emblem: Seima no Kouseki for GBA

Dark Jaguar
Oh sure, put the course edit mode in the GBA game!

A Black Falcon
True... but it's better than no course edit at all... I'm sure that they did it because a SNES-style F-Zero course editor would be a lot easier to make than one for a game like GX. But you're right, it is too bad... Of course, it'll be a while until we see that game. We haven't even gotten the second GBA F-Zero yet.

Dark Jaguar
Well, they do make these editors ANYWAY in production of the game :D.

I already made a thread on F-Zero Climax.

Great Rumbler
I hope they bring out Kururin GC in America, but they probably won't.

A Black Falcon
Well this has more than that. I thought it was cool they are doing a NGC Kururin game, the GBA ones looked great... I wish it would come out here, but I'm not holding out a lot of hope.