View Thread : The Return of the Eternal Battle Thread!

These are usually fun for a few days. All you have to do is kill, maim, injure, or otherwise inflict discomfort on another member. We all remember this!

*Picks up crossbow and points it menacingly*

So who wants some?

Great Rumbler
*punches EdenMaster in the duodenum*

*pulls pop corn out of a microwave*

MMmmhhh fresh popcorn

*picks up the microwave and rips the power cord out of the wall then throws it at great rumbler*

DIE!! Edenmaster is an old enemy/friend/ally/friend/enemy/best friend/scapegoat/vitom/friend/enemy of mine and you have no right to punch him!

*picks microwave up and plugs it back in, sets it on high and pulls the cord out of the wall and throws the microwave at EdenMaster*

Die you son of a b*#% I hate you!

Great Rumbler
GR: Hey, thanks for the microwave! Mine stopped working a few days ago.

bountyhunter: ...*punches GR in the kidney*

GR: Ow, my kidney!! *pokes bountyhunter with the fluffy pillow...OF PAIN!!*

*falls over holding his right ribs*

Oh the PAIN! the feathers! it has FEATHERS!!!

*grabs the pillow of pain and puts it on the ground then falls unconcious from the pain*

I need to sleep with a pillow ^_^

Great Rumbler
Oh about the comfy chair?! OF PAIN!!!

*hurls old sponge at GR*

That thing is PACKED with germs! Look, there's some mold on it too! Enjoy, sucker!

Great Rumbler
Eww! That's nasty! *runs home to get his positronic, laser-guided spatula...OF DOOOOM!!!*

A Black Falcon
Bah, you can't do much to me, I'm already IN pain... *sticks out tounge* nyah nyah!


... returns. With a nice new copy of Metroid Prime 2... want it? Don't mind the ticking, it's the game of they year!

Dark Jaguar
Eh this battle isn't much.... uh, my duodenum's actin' up!

Great Rumbler
Bah, you can't do much to me, I'm already IN pain...

Oh, don't worry I've thought of torture so fiendish and terrible that you'll be in even MORE pain!! Bwahahahaha!! *forces ABF to sit through the entire Republican National Convention*

A Black Falcon
That would be pretty painful, I admit. :)

ABF, imagine for a seccond that the dentist is pushing the teeth back in, one by one without any anesthetic.. pushing slowly in.. I feel like a drink.

*Taps DJ on the shoulder*

What do you have bartender?

Dark Jaguar
What do you want?

BH: I would like a sex on the beach.

DJ: Oh, really? That one? That one's hard... How about a beer?

BH: I want sex on the beach!

DJ: Um, okay, one sex on the beach. *puts beer on bar*

BH: This is not sex on the beach, this is a beer.

DJ: No it's not.

BH: Yes it is. I demand you give me a sex on the beach.

DJ: It's right there, that's not a beer *tears off label*

BH: Well when I look at it, it's a beer.

DJ: Alright, fine, I'll make another one. *turns around, opens beer, and poors it into glass, then puts little umbrella in it* Here ya go.

BH: Um, barkeep, you just opened the beer, poured it into a glass, and put this little umbrella in it.

DJ: No I didn't.

BH: Yes, you did. I still demand a proper sex on the beach.

DJ: Okay, fine, I'll mix it again. Waste of perfectly good sex on the beach but oh well *poors beer into new glass* Here ya go, there...

BH: Bartender...

*decides not to waste any more time argueing*

BH: Well thanks for the drinks *Grabs all four beers*

DJ: That will be $21.50 for the four Sex on the beaches

BH: They're beers and that means it's $14 for them

DJ: You asked for a Sex on the beach and I made you one and you wanted more so it's $21.50

BH: But these aren't Sex on the beaches

DJ: Yes they are, why would I make you any thing else

BH: you know in all this time you could have made me a damn Sex on the Beach.

DJ: Yeah but not four of them

BH: Fine *hands the bartender a five dollar note*

DJ: I said $21.50

BH: That is $21.50

DJ: No it's not

BH: Then why would I have given it to you if it wasn't?

Dark Jaguar
Okay, point taken, I can't mix drinks at all, you are poor as hell.

*turns Canadian money into American money, $5C = -2 cents A.

and -2 american cents = $2 here in australia..

Dark Jaguar
Australian?! You're australian?!

BH: Yes.... I've said so before...

DJ: Then why did you call a certain kind of dollar bill a "note"? That's so Canadian! Using odd terms like that, that's not right!

We were going to sue canada for stealing the note thing from us, they threatened to increase the amount of tourists who can speak english but refuse to because canada is so much like france...

We did the smart thing and gave in to thier demands.. damn canadians.

(For some stupid reason I typed Canadia, wtf)

alien space marine
The Joys of trying to get under peoples skins to laugh at their asses as they get angry and defensive.

Dark Jaguar
That's it, I'll crash the board! *types in 1000000 1's and POSTS it*

*smacks edenmaster in the face with a rolled up newspaper*

Great Rumbler
*smacks buckey_lasek with a rolled up poodle* What?! He likes it!

ooh that hurt (btw i'm a girl)

*grabs one of bountyhunter's numerous beers, throws it on him, and lights him on fire*

What?! He likes it!

*Runs arround the room covered in flamming beer*

"I Like it, I like it!"

*falls over suffering from third degree beer burns*

Great Rumbler
*spits on bountyhunters charred corpse*

What?! He likes it!