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...I hate waiting for games I've ordered online...maybe I'll go outside...

Why don't you listen to the radio?

Or go outside.

Dark Lord Neo
What is this outside?

Dark Jaguar
Outside is so frickin' pretentious! Sitting there, all open ended, flaunting it's constant change and pretty colors! It doesn't TELL you it's CRAWLING WITH BUGS until you let your guard down out there though! Then BOOM, horrible swarms of things! Oh sure, tell me "it's more scared of you than you are of it" but that doesn't help me! Tell me "It isn't aggresive, it only bites when frightened", but honestly I don't care! Yeesh, the fear is the bite itself, not that the thing is angry! The worry is that you have no idea if one is nearby and you almost step on it causing it to react, without you knowing! THAT'S the fear! That it isn't trying to get me is not the issue! It's that it is REALLY hard to see and I might accidently scare it! Most of the time though, for me, it's not even the bite that's the problem (most spiders won't kill ya anyway around here), it's the gross thought of accidently squishing them. Lovely creatures sure as far as mechanical structure goes, and I have no problem holding them so long as my fingers are NOT near each other, or the creature is NOT pressed between anything AND my flesh. I mean, the goo inside these things is far more terrifying than they are intact, and so I'm afraid of them because of how easy it would be for one to die by my hands, and then I'll have to clean up the mess...


You are so a woman.

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Great Rumbler

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Great Rumbler