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August 19, 2022 - In an interview with Play Magazine, outspoken Team Ninja head Tomonobu Itagaki said that while he played and liked Pikmin 2, he could make a better sequel than Nintendo.

"Of course, there are other games I like to play, but I would not say I could not do a better job, because I know I could do a better job of making any game that is out there," he told the magazine. "I like Pikmin 2. Again, if I were asked to do a Pikmin 3, I could do a better job than Nintendo. But then if I do that, I can't just play for my personal enjoyment."
Team Ninja is best known for its Xbox fighter Dead or Alive 3, and Ninja Gaiden, both of which earned high scores by our sister site. The developer also created the initially popular sports game Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball, which was panned by most critics.

The Nintendo-developed Pikmin 2 released for GameCube in Japan to critical acclaim. The title, a sequel to the lovable real-time strategy/puzzle game of the same franchise, features more environmental-based challenges, new characters, new cave exploration, and a multiplayer mode to boot. A US release is scheduled for the end of the month.

You know, I think I've made it clear before how much I despise Itagaki, and before I read this article I never thought that I could despise him any more than I already do. Boy how I was wrong. This guy has made one decent game in his entire life (ninja gaiden) and he thinks he's God's gift to gaming. And this dick thinks he can make a better Pikmin game than Nintendo?? :screwy: What an idiot.


I also love this quote, from a recent issue of Play magazine:

"Well, I do listen to the voice of my fans. I make my game the way I think it should be done. What people like about it, don't like about it, I know what they're saying. But I also know exactly how I wanted to make the game. When I approach the next project, I don't simply go with what others are telling me to do, yet I am absorbing and listening to valid observations. I actually seperate gamers into two groups: my fans and other gamers. I don't care what gamers have to say; I only listen to my fans."

The funniest thing about that last part is that when Tecmo polled their fans at their website a few years back about which console they'd like to see a new Ninja Gaiden on, the GC got the most votes and the PS2 second. That's certainly listening to your fans, right? :lol:

Great Rumbler
What an idiot.

I haven't played Pikmin 2 yet so I have no opinion on that... except that I love Pikmin. His skill as a developer hasn't impressed me yet with anything he's worked on. Correct me if i'm wrong but the games that he has worked on have failed to meet or exceed multi-million sales or gained critical acclaim by any industry leaders or 'average joe gameplayers', he's a speck on the radar and I think he will stay that way. Another highly inflated average company with stars in their eyes and nothing to show for it.

However, if he works on a Lemmings style 3rd person 3-D RTS with a 2-Player option that sells half as well as Pikmin 2 will worldwide, OR is able to develop world reknowned mascot characters with games that people will play for the next 30 years simply because of their quality and gameplay alone then I will happily eat my words. Unfortunately I think he's just a rock-star wannabe who's trying to stir up trouble.