View Thread : GBA sells 3x more units in one week than the Xbox has all year [in Japan]

Great Rumbler
1. Game Boy Advance SP 67,091 1,640,172
2. PlayStation 2 47,263 1,661,065
3. GameCube 11,558 446,065
4. Game Boy Advance 3,708 171,371
5. Xbox 429 23,512
6. Swan Crystal 121 6,484
7. PSOne 120 12,790

Japanese hardware charts thanks to Media Create.

World Soccer Winning Eleven 8 remains number one this week, but the sales are not quite so extreme as last week. The batch of new Famicom Mini titles have entered the charts.

1. - World Soccer Winning Eleven 8
PS2- 153,940
2. NEW Famicom Mini: Super Mario Brothers 2
GBA- 56,531
3. NEW Famicom Mini: Zelda II: Link no Buoken
GBA- 56,531
4. NEW KOF: Maximum Impact
PS2- 48,108
5. V Paper Mario RPG
Gamecube- 45,332
6. V Legend of Stafi 3
GBA- 44,573
7. NEW Famicom Mini: Famicom Detective Club
GBA- 34,433
7. NEW Famicom Mini: Famicom Detective Club Part II
GBA- 31,051
9. V Final Fantasy I + II Advance
GBA- 28,494
Square Enix
10. NEW Famicom Mini: Shin Onigashima
GBA- 27,058

Nintendo really sold big this week with 7 of their games in the top 10 although soccer is still the big winner.

Cube-Europe (

Dark Jaguar
I wanna play those Detective Club games.

The murderer is... YOU! *commercial break*

Odd how they insist on marking GBA and GBASP seperatly. That in mind, more like 4X :D. Also, that in mind, GBA outsells PS2 for year-wide sales. OOOOOonnne more thing! I see the PSX has pretty much vanished. Guess no one wanted a deluxe PS2...

A Black Falcon
Don't you love how we won't get Lost Levels or Kid Icarus?

Great Rumbler
That in mind, more like 4X

4x? Actually with the GBA sells and SP sells combined it'd 70,000 or almost exactly 3x more than the total sales of the XBox.

Dark Jaguar
Guess I did too much rounding...

Anyway, I already have Kid Icarus and Lost Levels (all-stars form), and well, you all know my stance on getting these games...

A Black Falcon
Kid Icarus especially. At least we saw forms of LL on the SNES and GBC...