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According to GCAdvanced ( and several gaming mag/site editors at the Gaming-Age forums:

August 24, 2021

by: Seth Walker

What does Rare, Nintendo, EA, and James Bond have in common?

Not too long ago, it was revealed that EA was working on a Goldeneye title for the Nintendo DS. Since then, nothing has been revealed about the title.

Everyone's dreams has finally come true. GCA has confirmed once-fabled rumors with our close contacts at Electronic Arts:

Goldeneye for the Nintendo DS is being developed and published by Electronic Arts with it being exclusive to Nintendo.

Goldeneye DS is based on the classic multi-million N64 hit.

It will allow multiplayer between 8-16 players at a time, possibly even allowing for wi-fi internet play.

It is unknown if the game is being built from scratch or based on the original engine.

More to report in the next upcoming weeks.

Awesome. I'm worried how it'll play on the DS, but it's still really great news. I just hope it's not a straight port since I played the original more than any other game during my four years in Croatia (and it didn't even come out until more than two years into living there). But if it has wi-fi online support, I don't care if it's the same exact game.

Great Rumbler
Wi-Fi Goldeneye multiplayer with 16 people. Awesome.

Bye bye counter strike, and thats truely worth paying for ^_^

I missed out on Goldeneye on the N64. I guess now is my time to repent with the DS :)

A Black Falcon
If this ends up true, it'd be pretty cool...

Was goldeneye a big thing over in the states, cause here it was the shit... as in every one has played goldeneye, and every one thought they were the best at it..

In fact, for a long time after a date was over and you kissed the girl good night and she doesn't ask you to come inside, you could just let some thing like "I heard your really bad at goldeneye" and then wham, your going in for the whole night until she proves she's bond on estrogen pills.

Of course I let her win.. all fifty some thing times.. I'm a true gentleman.. Fine she kept playing with proxy mines and was whoring them, damn camper..

Goldeneye was huge in the US. I believe Goldeneye was one of the best sellers on the N64, if not the best seller overall. I hope this is true, but I don't normally trust news coming from GCA.

Best seller...I'd think that'd be more like Ocarina of Time or Super Mario 64.

Oh, it was a great selling game, but for my money, I'd say the best seller was OoT.

I'm not sure if it was OoT or Goldeneye, the comparison would be interesting.

If Rare devs the game and EA publishes it we could be looking at huge success for DS. But for me, half the playability of Ge came from the N64 controller and the 'Turok' setup. C-Buttons for movement baby.

A Black Falcon
RUMOR #4a & 4b: The GoldenEye DS game will either be a portable GoldenEye: Rogue Agent or a revamped version of the N64 GoldenEye.

Source: James Bond fan site and

The official story: " We have not made any announcements about any of our DS games, including GoldenEye."--Electronic Arts spokesperson.

What we heard: While the angle is more plausible, the resurrection of the N64 classic--which is still considered one of the top-10 first-person shooters of all time--got far more buzz. So much buzz, in fact, that not only pulled the original story, but also published a lengthy mea culpa for sparking the rumor in the first place. "We apologize for the prodigious excitement this may have spurred," said the site. As for EA, they're muter than Oddjob when it comes to the subject of GoldenEye for the DS. "What you have been reading online is straight rumor," a rep told GameSpot.

Bogus or not bogus?: Too early to tell. But either way, the game sounds interesting.

Dark Jaguar
"Too early to tell"? EA just flat out TOLD us that it's just a rumor! It doesn't even matter if they turn out right, it's a rumor! That's the way it works.

Great Rumbler
It'd be cool if it turned out to be true, but I think it's kind of unlikely.

Dark Jaguar
Oh it's possible, but these guys certainly weren't in on the secret.

However, personally I'd prefer to see Perfect Dark on there, with all the levels from GE added, as well as some brand new ones (and put the doors back on the bathroom stalls! :D), as well as weapon feature customizing for multi (that is to say, allow us to turn off certain weapon features, so you could, for example, have a laptop gun that can only be used as a sentry, not a normal gun). Now THAT would be completely awesome.

Devastators that only fire in sticky mode

Although I definitely loved both PD and GE I would personally prefer PD for single player but multiplayer I liked GE a little better, hang on what am I saying they're the same game ^_^

Either would be awesome, just let there be bots!

PD was shiny too, I love that game!

Yeah the Turok control scheme was the best for Turok, lazy. I don't know how well it would control on a DS.

I couldn't stand playing turok with the stupid c button movement.
Too much GE.

alien space marine
EA is just trying to Cash in on the Goldeneye name, Now its probaily a better inspired idea then lets say Agent under fire.This game has nothing to do with Goldeneye at all except maybe the idea of a renegade villainess former agent who wants to kill James Bond.

The Turok control style gave you the greatest amount of precision with aiming.

A Black Falcon
Turok controls are by far the best FPS control scheme possible on the N64, I would definitely say.

Indeed. That's how I play modern console FPS's, and why I aim so well with them. Depending on the game, of course. EA's shooters usually have terribly sensitivity, while the Time Splitters games got it down perfectly for me.

They're cashing in on a franchise, thats why they're bringing an awesome mutliplayer game to the DS..

For some reason I'm not finding myself annoyed at this.

Could it be---a good Bond game that ISN'T the original GoldenEye.... ? The preview I read about this sounds amazing. Elements from the classic films, should be a shoe-in...