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You may notice some changes to the "Vista Black" theme. I am beta testing a new set of site feed technologies I have developed for delivering Tendo City and world news more at your fingertips on the site.

The two new features include:

Net Radio - Integration

I have integrated TovenNet net radio from MSNNBC into the navigation bar. Just click the "Net Radio" link and your customized stream will start playing in media player.

Tendo City - Site and World News Ticker

Site and world news will appear here to be updated daily.

Switch to the Vista Black theme and try it out today!

Be sure to give me lots of feedback...
And yes it works with FireFOX!

I added some make believe ticker symbols to the news scroll er, I thought it might be fun if each user had a stock symbol and could see how there stock is doing.

Respond below with some information about your company and I will add your ticker symbol. I've already set up one for me, Lazy, and Ryan.

Information should include:
Ticker Symbol
Company Name
Starting stock price
Yearly Growth Potential

and a little bit about your company.