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Sun, August 5th, 2007   #1
alien space marine
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Default Starcraft II New campaign interface

Spoiler warning!

Link to movie preview

Clearly the game is heading to the direction that Knights of the old republic did as the Terran scenario with some role playing aspects, Your a clicker scrolling around the Hyperion ship and interact with James Raynor crew.

Whats interesting is that the way you pick out your campaign missions will run like galactic civilizations or some of the older Star trek series. Your not just going from mission one and two anymore you can pick through what you want, Different characters on board the Hyperion will ask and offer various missions and quests with rewards :" such as go to this planet and establish for instance a refueling station" and so you go to the bridge were James Raynor will then order the fleet to set course to such and such. Then the game changes to traditional RTS fashion in the new environment.

You also get a galactic overview screen to view planets you have already visited and what missions are accomplished, Sometimes things will come up in the storyline causing you to return to planets.New characters will be recruited on missions and some will offer new technology.
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Sun, August 5th, 2007   #2
Dark Jaguar
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Yep it's interesting. I will note that Dune 2 allowed you to pick your next mission as well, only it did it in the "there are 3 regions connected to this one, which one do you want to invade next?" style.
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Sun, August 5th, 2007   #3
alien space marine
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More spoilers

Basically a 3d dune type interface with a bit of monkey island tossed in when you controlling Jimmy Raynor. You can move around different areas of the ship,You have machinist technician character hungry for new parts and supplies and you can assign to work on projects like "build this new unit" or "upgrade the marines" , He will Say well that will require this and that I will need more money Jimmy. Then you go on to collect what he ask for or Raid the dominion science labs to uncover new technology etc..

I guess that the main Roles the player will control is Raynor , Kerrigan would make total sense, A Protoss executer Artanis ?

Side characters ,Tychus Finn the dude in the promo Video *"Its about time" who is Raynor's "Worf" type guy, Sounds like a black man in the video?

Horner of Moebius Syndicate a employer of Raynor's and his crew although his background is muddied with mystery and his motives are unknown.

Spoilers Below!
Horner Is hinted in the demo as a agent of Samir Duran and possibly a Xel Naga himself hunting for artifacts hoping to manipulate Raynor into getting them for him, Until Zeratul arrives to blow the cover on the scheme.

The chief Engineer Swan a Asian machinist dude a important useful character.

The computer is also a AI character "Hyperion" herself think Andromeda series we already know her she will be the "talking head during missions" and story events. * I wish blizzard added sexy fem bot to play with*

Nova from the canned Ghost game will likely be part of the cast and a important character in the plot. be interesting to see the interaction between Raynor and a total twin of the younger human Sarah Kerrigan.

Mother ship for Toss, Flagship for Terran , Maybe a giant Hive ship for Zerg with big tentacles? All Honeycomb with little insectoid critters popping out , Maybe with a giant Cerebrante brain and a throne room for Kerrigan.

I imagine B.Net will be different multilplayer , Players will decide what tech they want to include in the game in advance and it will have to be researched the old fashioned way. Maybe even pick out your landing party with a list of available slots in a card queue of units like AOEIII .

Hyperion may be a modifiable customizable unit just like the Protoss Mother ship.

Dune games were a inspiration for Blizzard when they made warcraft and starcraft , No surprise that there imitating it.
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