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Fri, January 16th, 2004   #1
A Black Falcon
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Default Quite Possibly the Worst Game of All Time

Now I've read some funny review of those special truly, truly abysmal games. The PC Gamer reviews of eXtreme Paintbrawl, Extreme Watersports, Swamp Buggy Racing, and Skydive! come immediately to mind...

Some things that I still remember include some of the Swamp Buggy Racing one... "there are two tracks, a oval and an oval with a bump in it"... or the fact that eXtreme Paintbrawl shipped with no AI...

Well this is another one in that level. Or, if it is humanly possible, maybe below it...

A couple years ago PC Gamer did a 'The Worst 10 Games of All Time' feature. Their choice as worst was Extreme Watersports, a game with virtually no content or fun. This game looks like it's at least on par with that one.


After finishing with that... here we are, the standard bearer as probably the worst PC game ever.


Now it probably doesn't do that erasing monitor drivers thing on all computers, but I somehow doubt it'd help the game.

Hmm, the game with five seconds of gameplay or the one with no opponents or obsticles to keep you from racing?

Or how about SkyDive... I seem to recall from that review that it has something like two minuites of gameplay...

More fun with funnily bad games!

Extreme Paintbrawl even had sequels!
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