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  1. Aaaand another crappy publisher runs away from the Gamecube like an ashamed lover
  2. Breaking News: Gamecube outsells the PS2!!
  3. Beyond Good and Evil
  4. Pikmin 2 recieves huge delay...
  5. The Tendo City Video Game Character Battle For The Title of Coolest Character... woo
  6. Cloud vs. Link
  7. Trying to remember that arcade thingy in EGM
  8. Heh, Perrin Kaplan promotes Nintendo even during labor
  9. What?! Dead Pheonix not cancelled after all?!
  10. Great Sales for Tales
  11. Star Wars: Flight of the Falcon
  12. Soul Calibur II: THE WAIT IS OVER!
  13. Post your F-Zero impressions/reviews here
  14. The Suffering Interview
  16. Interview: THe Sims Bustin' Out For GCN/GBA
  17. Preorder Mario Kart: Double Dash and get free stuff!
  18. Two upcoming games will supports LAN
  19. *GASP*!! Paper Mario announced for the cube!
  20. Sales of FF: CC drop after the first week
  21. More Snake lovin' for the Cube?
  22. Guns don't kill people, games do.
  23. 3DO assest put up for auction, Crave does the unthinkable...
  24. Possible Zelda announcement next month?
  25. Countdown to the release F-Zero GX
  26. Kirby creator might be returning to Nintendo
  27. Software and hardware sales for July
  28. $99 Gamecube!
  29. No more boxes for GBA games
  30. Nintendo plans to take over China
  31. FF: CC sells 200k in Japan, but is topped by World Soccer Winning Eleven 7
  32. Decisions, decisions......
  33. Oh bloody hell... Donkey Kong details revealed
  34. Alleged "Dead Phoenix" now confirmed to be "dead'.
  35. A Metroid Prime question...
  36. Awesome new handheld unveiled!!!
  37. Nintendo's Press Conference
  38. Club Nintendo and a mystery product
  39. XGRA
  40. Dead Phoenix's "Kiddy" transformation?
  41. Famitsu reviews Crystal Chronicle
  42. Kirby creator leaves Nintendo
  43. Rare continues to develop for Nintendo...
  44. Nintendo reports sales and earnings for Q1
  45. First in-game screenshots of Splinter Cell 2
  46. NOE mad over importers
  47. Nintendo rumors
  49. What's in your Gamecube, PS2, X-Box, etc. right now?
  50. CGC #15: Llamatron
  51. Preorder Rebel Strike and get free stuff!!
  52. Mario Golf is out now
  53. New Denis Dyack interview
  54. Final Fantasy delay
  55. Eiji Aonuma interview
  56. Tales of Symphonia
  57. GUYS!
  58. Yay! Gamecube Tunneling!
  59. Stuff Gamer
  60. Monolith Software's Gamecube RPG
  61. Giftpia developer has new title in the works
  62. Famitsu sucks
  63. Cool Game Boy Player trick!
  64. Great news about Double Dash
  65. Update on Crystal Chronicles' multiplayer
  66. LAN play for F-Zero!
  67. Final Fantasy III on GBA
  68. Finally, a mainstream media article about games that's true!
  69. New Rebel Strike screens
  70. Metal Slug Advance!
  71. A few new details on the GBA successor
  72. Midway Collection
  73. AWESOME news!!!!!!!
  74. Nintendo ads
  75. Eternal Darkness: The Movie
  76. Top videogames might start costing more?!
  77. Gameboy Player
  78. SD Digi Card on sale in Japan
  79. Acclaim to drop all Gamecube support
  80. Not again!
  81. Have a ROTTEN Day!--Wario World thread
  82. Mario 128 news... just a bit
  83. Zelda: Majora's Mask
  84. New GC demo impressions
  85. Mega Man: Network Transmission
  86. Videogame "Fat Tax"
  87. Nintendo blames... itsself???
  88. Prince of Persia and XIII Interviews
  89. Some good online news
  90. Hi
  91. Black SP finally here
  92. Nintendo kicks European gamers in the balls again
  93. Mario rumors
  94. The Interview You've Been Waiting For: Rogue Squadron 3
  95. Happy Birthday Master EDEN
  96. No Spaceworld
  97. Appear in MGS: The Twin Snakes!
  98. Arsey got job!
  99. What the?! Nintendo to stop production of console?!
  100. CGC #14: Ghosts 'n' Goblins
  101. Wrestlemania XIX Interview
  102. Nintendo is working on "replacement" for Mario and Pokemon for the next-gen systems
  103. Truly a sad day for the gaming industry...
  104. FPSs are good for you!
  105. Zelda news!
  106. XGRA Interview
  107. A Pokemon RPG on the Gamecube?!
  108. Oh boy! This is gonna be like, the best GC game ever!
  109. Wireless GBA?!
  110. Sould Calibur 2 And The Italian Job Interview Help
  111. CGC #13: Balloon Fight
  112. Paper Mario 2?
  113. There I go thinking again...
  114. New Miyamoto interview (multiplayer Metroid Prime 2 news!)
  115. Random Game Help
  116. Buy a GameCube, get a Game Boy Player Free
  117. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
  118. Tunneling not needed to play GC LAN games online??
  119. Nintendo's first demo disc is out
  120. Kirby's Air Ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  121. TMNT!!!
  122. Mario and Donkey Kong and Mario and Luigi!
  123. Nintendo Unveils Plans To Gain Industry Leadership
  124. I can't believe I haven't made a topic about this yet... Fire Emblem!!!
  125. Next Nintendo system will "definitely" be out before the competition
  126. Mario Advance 4: Mario 3!!
  127. I fixed the forums!
  128. First Metroid Prime 2 movie!!!
  129. New RE 4 media
  130. Miyamoto's big secret Gamecube game: Pacman??!!
  131. Awesome Custom Robo screens!
  132. YES!!!! Metroid: Zero Mission screens!!
  133. New Nintendo game: Geist!!
  134. Four Swords for the Gamecube!
  135. Holy aliasing, Batman! Star Fox 2!!
  136. The Legend of Zelda: Tetra's Trackers... WTF??!!
  138. Capcom 5... again...
  139. Sonic Heroes screens!
  140. Super Monkey Ball Banana Crazy!
  141. Mario & Luigi RPG (GBA) and another Star Fox game!
  142. GAH... where the hell is Mario 3???!!
  143. Our very own Top 100 video games list
  144. IGN's Top 100 Electronic Games Ever
  145. I want this game NOW!
  146. The Official FF: Crystal Chronicles Thread
  148. Details on two new Nintendo games
  149. Oh crap... I hope this doesn't mean what I think it does
  150. New GBA Metroid and Fire Emblem coming to the U.S.!!!!!
  151. Oh wow... now THIS is good cel-shading.
  152. CGC #12: Guerilla War
  153. Custom Robo sequel to be released in the U.S.
  154. Holy Shit---!
  155. Legend of Zelda voted Best Game of All Time!
  156. Midway Sports on Online Play
  157. Star Fox Armada details
  158. Freaky Flyers
  159. Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour!!
  160. The Official Twin Snakes Thread (screens inside)
  161. Spaceworld is coming back! Woohoo!
  162. Pilotwings Cube?
  163. It's baaaa-aaack!
  164. Top 100 games for March
  165. Nintendo makes big bucks in March despite industry slump.
  166. Giftpia soundtrack
  167. New online GC game announced... guess what it is!
  168. Sonic Heroes details
  169. Sonic Battle
  170. CGC #11: Gradius
  171. Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg
  172. Countdown to E3 2003
  173. Ye Olde Melee Tournament 10
  174. Secret of Mana pics
  175. The Official Mario Kart Double Dash Thread (screens inside!)
  176. Pikmin 2! (ABF will be happy)
  177. New Yoshi game!
  178. Wario World's Treasure
  179. Co-op Seiken Densetsu for the GBA
  180. Nintendo opens new development facility
  181. CGC #10: Cabal
  182. Is there any chance they'll see the light of day outside of Japan?
  183. Double standards strike again
  184. Capcom cans 18 games
  185. Freaky Hidden Areas in Wind Waker!
  186. Nintendo sucks
  187. Mario Kart LAN, not WAN
  188. Namco and Sega?
  189. Nintendo does another thing that should have been done two years ago
  190. RE0 for the PS2?
  191. Pokemon GC looks so GREAT!!!!111
  192. Crappy DKC screens
  193. EGG-cellent! Hahaha... I made a pun
  194. Ikaruga Review
  195. Documentary over the gaming industry to show on TLC
  196. Mother 3 now official...
  197. CGC#9: 1943 (NES)
  198. Nintendo lowers royalty rates
  199. Miyamoto Calls it Quits!?
  200. Splinter Cell released for GC
  201. 50 Top selling games for 2002 in Japan
  202. Coolest Box Art Ever
  203. Star Soldier NGC
  204. Next Nintendo console before PS3 and X-Box 2?
  205. Wind Waker Revisited (possible spoilers within)
  206. ZELDA BOX: From Japan With Love (Zelda spoilers)
  207. Tales of Symphonia
  208. CGC#8: Spy Hunter (NES)
  209. Good news for Nintendo in March
  210. Capcom hugs Nintendo, then sodomizes them
  211. IGN reviews Burnout 2!
  212. Ye Olde Melee Tournament 9
  213. Megaman & Bass
  214. Hello, guys.
  215. SNK Vs Capcom for all consoles???
  216. Mario 128 news!! Click here!!
  217. ESPionage
  218. Nintendo's Cursed
  219. What's wrong with TC?
  220. In the UK, GameCube outsold....
  221. Another EXCLUSIVE Hideo Kojima title in the works for the GC
  222. The Official Rebel Strike Thread
  223. Do NOT open Nintendo's latest newsletter
  224. The "I GOT WIND WAKER!!!" thread
  225. Wind Waker only a 93?
  226. Zelda out tommorrow or Wednesday ?
  227. I got my Gameboy SP!
  228. Strike at the Core
  229. Lost Vikings!
  230. Rogue Leader Help...
  231. GameCube... and it's SLOTS
  232. Mario Golf release date and F-Zero delay confirmation
  233. CGC#7: Bump N' Jump
  234. Wind Waker box art...
  235. Sonic Advance 2
  236. US February Sales Data
  237. Newly printed Miyamoto interview
  238. History
  239. Resident Evil Thread
  240. Acclaim pulls an Enron
  241. FAO Schwartz liquidating GameCube stock!
  242. Skies of Arcadia 2, Rez 2, and VF Quest news
  243. CGC #6: Dr. Mario
  244. More good news for Zelda in America
  245. The official un-official countdown to E3 2003!!
  246. F-Zero delayed
  247. The Legend of Zelda: Hyrularity!
  248. Monolith Soft announces GC/PS2 rpg
  249. More Giftpia details
  250. Nintendo and EA working together