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  1. E3: DK King of Swing
  2. E3: Advance Wars Under Fire
  3. E3: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
  4. E3: Metroid Prime 2
  5. I hope this isn't Segaton
  6. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap?
  7. Teh HyPE!!!111!!!!11
  8. Developers like the DS
  9. What the--
  10. Lot of crap ratings for Nintendo games lately...
  11. The E3 prediction game!
  12. Shining Forcce for GBA
  13. I just saw a cool GBA SP commercial
  14. Zoonami's other games
  15. Famitsu's Pikmin 2 review
  16. A Gamecube exclusive game from Kemco
  17. First information about Game Zero!!!
  18. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
  19. More Final Fantasy on the GBA
  20. Cube Wars!!!
  21. Banjo Pilot
  22. Absolutely viewtiful news
  23. Skies of Arcadia
  24. M v. DK
  25. March NPD sales figures
  27. Iwata interview...
  28. E3 Games List...
  29. No more Factor 5 on GC
  30. EDIT: Fake Nintendo E3 pamphlet
  31. First Metroid Prime 2 shots!
  32. Nintendo and Silicon Knights part??
  33. Wario Ware, Inc.: Mega Party Game$
  34. eBay: Get your own life size Samus
  35. Final Fantasy 1 & 2...
  36. Far Cry Instincts
  37. 30 DS games at E3?!
  38. Metroid movie still not dead?
  39. First (tiny) screenshot from Wind Waker 2? Update: NOPE!
  40. Rediscovering Old Friends
  41. Awesome Nintendo XP desktop themes
  42. Games Galore
  43. Games for the cash-strapped gamer
  44. More DS news/speculation and N5 specs at E3?
  45. YESSSSS!!!!! Boy am I glad I was wrong!!!
  46. TC Homosexual edition!
  47. Microsoft Word
  48. Germany likes the Gamecube
  49. What are you most looking forward to at this year's E3?
  50. The Paper Mario 2 Thread
  51. Let's All Hate Lucasarts Day to become Let's All Hate Lucasarts, Period?
  52. Here's that NES SP
  53. Body Harvest - why didn't anyone tell me about this game?
  54. Updated GC release list
  55. The Legend of Zelda DS
  56. A server is you!
  57. Whaddya know, online console gaming IS profitable!
  58. Final Fantasy: Guilty Wing
  59. Memory Card 1019
  60. Two Questions
  61. Skies of Arcadia 2 in the works?
  62. Nintendo to show Metroid Prime 2 and Wind Waker 2 at pre-E3 conference
  63. More DS Wireless Rumors...
  64. Nintendo Dream Magazine article
  65. Crystal Chronicle takes #1 spot in February
  66. Nintendo's next Fantasy
  67. "We're happy where we are, firmly planted in Nintendo's arse."
  68. Cool new boxart for Custom Robo
  69. No Metroid Movie
  70. Twin Snakes
  71. Release of Tales of Symphonia in the States made official
  72. DS specs?
  73. Well they're consistent anyway.
  74. Zelda
  75. He moves in Mysterious Ways, uh huh huh! Hahaha... ahh... *sigh*
  76. Okay I know that Asterix isn't popular here, but...
  77. NES GBA...
  78. Nintendo Japan newsbits...
  79. A Real-Life Master Sword!
  80. OMG, Nintendo games will make you have seizures!!!
  81. RE 4
  82. It's like a television and a videogame console PUT TOGETHER!!
  83. Soul Calibur: The Movie
  84. LCD screen...
  85. Gamecubes selling like mad!
  86. Yamauchi = Rich
  87. Release date for RE4, Killer 7
  88. Street Racing Syndicate to be released on GC
  89. Game Developers Chioce Awards Nominees
  90. EA talks about "Goldeneye 2"
  91. Starfox 64: In a Nutshell
  92. Pokémon discussion (AKA, Nintendo is being RUDE lately)
  93. How is "Majora's Mask" pronounced?
  94. More screens from that game by that guy with the mints and stuff
  95. New FRD game
  96. Sonic Advance 3
  97. n-Space
  98. The "Mother 1+2" thread...
  99. Probably a stupid question
  100. Help with Wind Waker
  101. More Fun Yamauchi Comments!
  102. New RE4 details
  103. Fucking Wonderful
  104. Goldeneye 2!
  105. Super-Awesome SSBM Video
  106. Citadel
  107. The Metroid ZM impressions/reviews thread
  108. GBA RPGs
  109. Nintendo Won't Release New Video Game Console -Nikkei
  110. Pokemon Fever Sweeps Japan Once Again. Doctors Baffled by Recent Outbreak.
  111. Nintendo next console images
  112. Release dates...
  113. Baten Kaitos to be released in the U.S.
  114. New Pokemon Colosseum details
  115. Another Wheel off the Capcom Nintendo wagon
  116. The Game Boy Trophy Room
  117. More Tails
  118. Your Nintendo dream list
  119. Many Four Swords shots.
  120. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Master Quiz
  121. Soul Calibur Cube really did sell best...
  122. Old School NES Question...
  123. Do any of you play PSO?
  124. Geist
  125. The Penguin and the Cube
  126. Nintendo's mystery product revealed!!
  127. Ocarina of Time in SNES 2D ...
  128. GC and GBA sales in Europe continue Nintendo's upward trend
  129. The lovely cow's gone mad
  130. Famicom Mini
  131. A History of Fire Emblem
  132. GC sales in Japan are way up, Xbox tied for last with PSX
  133. Crystal Chronicles Reservation thingy
  134. Do any of you play on MK: DD on Warp Pipe?
  135. Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon
  136. What the...
  137. Some threads are missing...
  138. The Metroid Zero Mission Countdown Thread
  139. Homeworld: Chunsoft's Weird Cube RPG
  140. New Nintendo Console, coming in 2004.
  141. Happy New Year
  142. The fourth Resident where Evil people live no longer exclusive?
  143. Sword of Mana Interview
  144. N5 backwards compatible with GC games
  145. Yeah! It's technically Christmas!
  146. Tendo City
  147. New Metroid Zero Mission Scans?
  148. Eternal Darkness diggity
  149. Best-of-year stuff
  150. Some good Nintendo news
  151. GTA for the GBA!
  152. Q is Dead
  153. Q4 sales report
  154. Wow, a big multiplatform game with online modes for the Gamecube!
  155. Symphonies and the Tales of them
  156. They make it sound like we knew it was coming...
  157. Viewtiful?
  158. Sammy takes over Sega
  159. Merry Christmas to all you US gamers.
  160. Zelda: Four Swords Plus
  161. Pacman Vs.
  162. Nintendo's wonderful strategy
  163. Sega sues the Simpsons
  164. Acclaim is at it again...
  165. Zelda news
  166. I got that game with the Swords and the Mananserfants
  167. 1080 Avalanche
  168. Look, if you don't like the game or the series, why are you reviewing it?
  169. Wow...this is
  170. I am happy to announce...
  172. Virtua Fighter Quest news
  173. Online fans rejoice
  174. Ye Olde Soul Calibur II Tournament
  175. SMB 3 in 11 minutes
  176. The Nintendo iQue
  177. New Kirby title in the works
  178. Mario & Luigi
  179. Industry insiders say Nintendo take-over of Bandai "possible"
  180. Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
  181. New Zelda disc details
  182. Kingdom hearts advance!
  183. New Nintendo system to be shown at E3 '04
  184. New Poke Stadium/Metroid Info
  185. Nintendo's commercials...
  186. Metroid Prime Speed Demon!
  187. REALLY Good News
  188. Beat Fire Emblem 7, wonder when they'll ever release a new English FE
  189. Mario Tennis almost finished?
  190. Crappy news
  191. Gaming Site Review Stats
  192. IBM making the X-Box 2 CPU?
  193. Nintendo Sales Hold
  194. For those who don't want to buy a new GC...
  195. Good article from Nintendojo
  196. King of Fighters EX2: Holwing Blood
  197. Great George Harrison interview
  198. Countdown to Fire Emblem
  199. Play movies and listen to music on your GBA
  200. Pokemon Colosseum RPG Mode??!!
  201. Nintendo buys Bandai stock
  202. Wario Ware GC takes top spot in Japan, plus weekly console sale
  203. Take-Two spends $22 million on a company that lost $8 million last year
  204. Countdown to Mario Kart!
  205. Post your Rebel Strike impressions/reviews here
  206. Lawsuit threatens to cancel production of True Crime
  207. A_Black_Falcon
  208. Midway gets talent
  209. New Pacman Vs. screenshots
  210. Wizards of the Coast sues Nintendo
  211. Who Are You? Ad
  212. Just when you thought you were safe from its terror... tEH MeGAton RETURNS!!!!
  213. Is the gamecube good?
  214. So damn viewtiful it makes me want to cry
  215. First Donkey Konga screens
  216. Price cut launch GC sales through the roof.
  217. More good news for the GC version of SC2
  218. Good and bad NPD figures
  219. Nintendo begins huge advertising campaign.
  220. Wow! Amazing cool RE4 trailer! Download for super fun!
  221. Bard's Tale on the Gamecube!
  222. Wireless GBA...
  223. 'Free' Pac-Man
  224. New Nintendo console...
  225. Mega Man X RPG for the Gamecube
  226. Some good and bad Square GBA news
  227. Metroid Zero Mission and other good GBA news
  228. More Cube Cancellations
  229. Countdown to Fire Emblem
  230. GameCube Price Will Go Down To $99
  231. E3 2004: Official countdown and content speculation
  232. Wario Ware Cube shots
  233. 16-player Mario Kart.
  234. Earthbound 1&2 petition
  235. Mega Man Collection
  236. Madden 2004 vs ESPN 2k4
  237. Great Sega GBA news
  238. Banjo!
  239. The actual FF Tactics Advance thread
  240. NintendAOL
  241. XIII
  242. Zelda compilation?
  243. New Player's Choice titles
  244. Soul Calibur 2 ships 1.6 million units on first day
  245. This better not be true!!
  246. Mario Kart bonus disc info
  247. The mystery "million seller" GBA game revealed... for real this time?
  248. New Twin Snakes pics.
  249. Valve: Half Life 2 will be released on Xbox, PS3, and Gamecube 2
  250. Denis Dyack interview