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depression isn't 'i'm sad because of this' or 'i feel bad because that happened'. Depression (the term) is often used that way but it really shouldn't be. It's an actual change in the brain's inner workings and effects you physically as well. While there's often times a catalyst like a traumatic event that can feed on the depression or vice versa it can occur in people for absolutely no emotional reason, it hits teenagers like its a natural progression, it can often be related to hormonal changes as well (related to the former) and can even be caused by changes in diet, lack of sunlight, lack of regular exersize and a whole list of others. Depression is best explained as your mind catching a cold.

There's a bunch of depression types and families, like post-traumatic stress disorder which is what I was diagnosed with and carried it around for a few decades. Things like rape, fire, burglary, car crashes, being exposed to extreme violence as a child, etc will make a dent on the mind that kinda re-routes things and can severely hurt development emotionally and mentaly, creating learning disorders, issues with anxiety, panic attacks, extreme night terrors all that fun stuff. If you havent experienced anxiety disorders or panic attacks then there's no way I can explain it... imagine something took away your ability to breath or control your muscles while having a heart attack or stroke and recalling every horrible thought you ever had at once - Like the world is crashing around you. It's a complete breakdown of the nervous system and brain and a lot of people experience tiny ones and never realize it, or have major ones but think its normal because they weren't told otherwise so they dont seek treatment.

There is no motivation for depression, that was some stupid shit DJ, Uncle Jesse's gonna kick your chubby blonde butt.

Looking back at what I posted is so weird... honesty is the key but.... what happens if you cant handle the honesty. People are so strange with their ever-evolving fetishes and desires that seem to alter through the years. The 40 year old ex-stripper who was pregnant in highschool thinks a man who cuddles and hugs a lot is pure extasy, but the 20-something bitch who yells at people all day and takes her aggressions out on everyone wants to be beaten and spit on in a 40 man gangbang. The guy who likes the girls to look as young as possible and dress like school girls? They just miss their childhood. I dunno what kind of mentally the furries have but generally i've noticed they're intelligent and extremely lonely and that somehow equals a human shaped cat. The lesbianporn lovers typically have self-image issues (as do lesbians themselves) and the white girls that want black men have a desire to be punished and looked down on while the black girls that want white men have a desire to be affectionate and loving and the sickest most twisted fucked up shit you can ever imagine sexually is the basis of the most inexperienced and embittered people around.

But what happens when the 20 something girl relaxes and doesn't blow off steam on everyone? or the lesbianporn lover gains a good self image? They move on to other flavors and ideas. The perceptions change, the angles are new, the fantasies arrive in different packages and the needs alter to whatever it is we want in our current struggle with life's bullshit. But when its all said and done, I mean when you get down to the core of it all, we just want someone to hold close and help us feel whole... a yin to sit on our yang. *score is doubled for use of a sexual pun* Another that helps us agree, helps us argue, helps find our passions and our secret buttons... then raise children and argue over who's making the coffee... ramble ramble ramble... WTF thread is this? I dont even know what everyone was talking about anymore! I dont know what ***I*** was talking about anymore! the phone's ringing! its my grandfather.... I have to take my nephew to the dentist!?!? WHEN DOES THIS HAPPEN IN THE MOVIE?

*suddenly has a full wrap-around leather mexican wrestler mask and throws hard-candy at everyone as an AH-64D Apache Longbow airlifts me out of the thread*

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