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Mon, August 6th, 2007   #1
Dark Jaguar
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Default Twas inevitable...


Hahaha! Awesome! This is the one weakness in Nintendo's strategy of focusing on a controller. That is, it's not like the competition can't make their own. That is, they don't actually HAVE to make their own. This gen is the bluetooth generation. Nintendo did their work FOR them, they just need to add support for the Wii controller to their console, and there's absolutely nothing illegal about it at all, nor SHOULD there be! I'm waiting for Sony to follow suit.

Just imagine this on a 360 game in the future:

*Requires Nintendo Wii controller.*

I love this generation. It's crazy! Heck, we've already got PC independant games using the thing. Mind you, this support was only added to the PC version, but I can't see them going too much longer without adding the support to the 360.

Actually, on second thought, I know that both PS3 and Wii use bluetooth for the controllers, but does MS do that as well, or did they go proprietary in the same mistaken move as their memory card format? Well, no matter, it has USB ports and I have a USB bluetooth adapter.
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