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Sat, December 3rd, 2005   #1
One time pooped in your yard and lied about it
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Sucky Comic #6

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Sun, December 4th, 2005   #2
One time pooped in your yard and lied about it
Join Date: 06-16-01
Location: Chimpham Keep, Atomchimpatta
Age: 26
Posts: 393

Darn noone can see this from the main forum page because GR replied to me! THE ROCK OF JESUS HATH SMOTE ME!!
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Sun, December 4th, 2005   #3
Great Rumbler
Tendocity's Resident Accountant and Amateur Writer
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The Rock of Jesus rules all!!

Captain Retard is really stupid.
My name is Great Rumbler and I'm from the Sub-Human Tractor Planet! ZOOP!!

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Mon, February 13th, 2006   #4
Mind Like Cabbage
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O.O That's the most fantabulous comic I've ever seen. It's like Family Circle but without the fat kid. The one with the snout.
I have a dog, his name is Fido. I have raised him from a pup. He can stand up on his hind legs, IF you hold his front legs up. And no one believes me.
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Sat, February 18th, 2006   #5
That's retarded at near genius levels!
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By the way for the 5 people who arn't admins on this site, I would be happy to provide ETIAC's IP and puch a whole in his network for you since I sometimes remote into his router.

Cause I haven't exicuted a good D.O.S attack and a good long time. Or, for the less IT educated I could just lock him in the room with Lazy for 5 and a half hours.

*kicks Fido*

Never mind... I'm good
And No I don't beleve that findo can stand on his hind legs eithor.

Ow. By the way I feel I must......
"I once dreamt that I played "cannon in D", on an electric guitar, like a fiddle, in the style of a ho down." ~ me

"You are god to us dream characters. Some of us love you and some of us hate you, and some dream characters want to be left alone." Then he paused and he said "When you are awake, you are a dream character to God. You and everyone else are what God sees when he sleeps." ~ XGM

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