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Sat, February 22nd, 2003   #1
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Default Mega Man 3

They say that the third time is a charm, and when the first two are gold, you know the third must be incredible, and it is. Mega Man 3 boasts great enemies as well as great music and graphics. Your eight initial enemy robots are:

Spark Man, who shoots electrical bursts and simply attacks with his own jumping
Snake Man, a high jumping robot who fires snakes which crawl around the floor and up the walls, hurting Mega Man.
Needle Man, who attacks by either throwing needles at you, or shooting out his spiked top.
Top Man, a weak enemy who throws three guided tops or spins from one side of the screen to the other.
Shadow Man, extremely fast, attacks by either throwing blades, or by simply hitting you with his lightning quick slide.
Magnet Man, can stick to the ceiling and throw guided Magnet Missiles or attract Mega Man with his magnetic power.
Gemini Man, who splits himself into two parts and shoots plasma bullets at the same time Mega Man does, and once half of his health is gone, the clone goes away and the remaining original shoots lasers.
Hard Man, shoots his guided fists at Mega Man, or jumps and tries to smash Mega Man under his weight.

After these guys, you expect to head to Dr. Wilys Skull Castle, but first you have to go back through Spark, Needle, Shadow, and Gemini Mans now destroyed stages, where you'll find some powerful robots who are like nothing you've seen before, but in one special way, they are very familiar...

Once you get to Dr. Wily's infamous Skull Castle, where you encounter such enemies as three Mega Man clones, and a strange monster who disassembles, throws his pieces at you, reassembles, and attacks. As a fan of Mega Man games myself, this is my favorite, even including the Mega Man X games.

I highly recommend you get this game and play it. It's challenging, it's fun, and it simply doesn't get old. I give it a 9!
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